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WWE News: AJ Styles gives a timeline for when the Young Bucks will sign with the WWE

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What's the story?

In an interview with PW Insider, AJ Styles said that the Young Bucks would sign for WWE within 5 years.

In case you didn't know...

During his time with NJPW, before signing for WWE, AJ Styles was the leader of the Bullet Club, which also included the Young Bucks.

The Young Bucks have reportedly turned down several offers to return to the WWE and are very successful on the independent circuit.

The heart of the matter

While the Young Bucks have never overtly expressed an urgent desire to sign with WWE, AJ Styles appears to suggest that it is a question of when and not if. He said that it was a difficult question to answer but he expected to see the Young Bucks in a WWE ring within 5 years.

Oooh man, that is a tough question. For guys who know to do what they do and they’ve got it done before they even get here….so, I would say….oh, that’s a tough question, man….I give them five years, at the most. Within five years. Yeah. That’s my timeline. You never know, man.

The Young Bucks have been massively successful outside the WWE and are in no apparent hurry to sign with the company.

What's next?

The Young Bucks are huge on the Indy scene and are an inspiration, of sorts, to many wrestlers who don't immediately want to sign with WWE. They sell a tremendous amount of merchandise and make a very good living on the independent circuit. It will take a very lucrative offer to bring the Young Bucks to the world's largest wrestling promotion.

Author's take

The style that has made the Young Bucks as great as they are today is a style completely unique to them. Disregarding kayfabe and possessing a controversial style of wrestling which is hated by the likes of Jim Cornette, the Bucks might not get the same freedom in WWE that they have outside.

They would do well to stay away from the Company till they feel like there is nothing else left for them to achieve and then join WWE. This would possibly round off their careers, as they are without a doubt two of the best wrestlers in the world today, as well as the hottest free agents.

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