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WWE Rumours: AJ Styles to move to WWE RAW?

Vince McMahon is reportedly very impressed with AJ Styles and is considering moving the Phenomenal One to Raw next year.

The face that runs the place might switch to RAW next year!

AJ Styles has been the mainstay on Smackdown Live since the brand split earlier this year. The Phenomenal One has been extensively featured on the blue brand and has constantly been a part of Smackdown Live’s main event week after week.

The current WWE World Champion  is currently involved in a feud with Dean Ambrose and has become integral to the show, especially given the hiatus that John Cena is on.

In what might come across as a shocking news to the Smackdown Live fans, AJ Styles might be leaving Smackdown and will be switching to Raw. According to Wrestling World News, Vince McMahon is extremely impressed with AJ Styles and is considering moving him to RAW next year.

The WWE Chairman was particularly impressed with Style’s feud with John Cena which saw Styles defeating Cena at Summerslam in one of the best fights of the year. Styles is expected to move to Raw after Wrestlemania 33.

Currently, there is no information regarding how Styles would be switching to the Raw brand but it has been speculated that WWE will be doing the 2017 edition for WWE Draft in May next year and Styles would be the drafted to Raw subsequently.

Although there is no word about whom Styles might be feuding with after moving to Raw, there are plenty of options for the Phenomenal One to choose from. Samoa Joe is expected to debut on Raw very soon to start a feud with Braun Strowman. 

Joe and Styles have had a plenty of matches back in TNA and have exhibited tremendous in-ring chemistry between them. It would be a treat for the WWE Universe to see AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe inside a WWE ring. Other than Joe, Styles can also enter into a programming with Seth Rollins or Kevin Owens, both of which are considered as dream feuds by the WWE fans.

Here’s a video by WrestleTalkTV regarding AJ Styles moving to Raw;

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