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Alexa Bliss vs. Bayley for the RAW Women's Championship: WWE Payback 2017 winner, video highlights and analysis

Who will be the face of the RAW Women's Division?

Alexa Bliss vs. Bayley

Bayley entered with her RAW Women’s Championship and was prepared to defend it against Bliss. Bayley had the crowd support as this was her hometown, while Bliss got some heat.

Bliss started with the mind games as Bayley made her attempt to dominate. Bayley dominated the match at the start, despite Alexa’s antics. Bliss rolled out of the ring and continued her tricks, but Bayley slammed her with heavy knees before she could get in.

Bayley continued to dominate by smashing Bliss’ face against the turnbuckle until the challenger countered. Bliss then began her domination by delivering multiple shots to the Champion. Bliss seemed desperate for the win and tried everything, even standing on and pulling Bayley’s hair.

Bayley tried her best to counter but failed as Bliss continued to control the match. Bliss kicked Bayley out of the ring and attempted to humiliate the Champ in front of her home crowd. However, this time Bayley countered after Alexa attempted to gloat and the took the upper hand.

Bayley began unloading on Alexa Bliss and went to the top rope as she managed to connect with an elbow, but yet again Bliss countered, only for Bayley to counter Bliss’s top rope move. Yet again Bliss covered the champion only for her to kick out. 

The match was a continuous trade of blows, but Bayley, however, seemed to be in the driver's seat with an ‘Elbow Drop From The Top Rope’. Bliss seemed down for the count but a push into the turnbuckle saw Bliss take full advantage as a prone Bayley took a ‘DDT’ to lose her championship. Making Alexa Bliss the new RAW Women’s Champion.

She is the only woman to hold both the RAW and SmackDown Women’s titles. Respect ‘Little Miss Bliss’.

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