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Alicia Fox deserves better in the WWE Raw Women's Division

Sarah Hirsch
989   //    07 Nov 2016, 14:10 IST
Alicia Fox has had a long career in WWE

Since the WWE Draft in July, many talents have seen the benefits of the brand extension when it took effect in the summer. 

Both brands underwent big changes as the weeks passed and everyone got into the groove of having two separate brands once more. It seems that the divisions are flourishing under the new brand extension, and history is being made all over the place.

Raw had the bulk of talent, and they certainly have been taking advantage of having a big roster. With the Women’s Division seeing their glory days, it is imperative that all these ladies get the time they deserve. While Smackdown has been doing well with the seven women on their roster, Raw has eight women and only five of them are being used. 

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Paige is out with an injury, while Alicia Fox has been relegated to Superstars and live events since her small feud with Nia Jax. But Summer Rae has yet to make an appearance on Raw, only been scarcely used on Superstars before the draft. That is also because she has been nursing some injuries of her own.

While it is apparent that the Raw Women’s Division belongs to Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks, others such as Bayley, Dana Brooke and Nia Jax are doing their own thing on Monday nights. Jax is the monster of the division while Bayley and Brooke have been entangled together for quite some time. 

So what about Fox? Fox had a small feud with Jax on Raw in September, but it was over as soon as it began. It seems that she is lost in the mix. Fox is overall decent wrestling wise in addition to being beautiful and has a spunky personality – it’s a shame that she isn’t put to use more.

Fox had a couple opportunities within the last couple of years. The crazy Alicia Fox gimmick seemed to work for her; however the company didn’t push Fox further after failing to gain the Divas Championship from Paige in 2014. Her role in Team Bella was perhaps her biggest story to date as it was part of the Divas Revolution angle. 

Her aligning with the Bella Twins was eyebrow raising at first, but it proved to have worked out for her as the Divas Revolution was one of the biggest storylines in 2015. Fox was featured prominently because of her alliance with the popular twins, and it was a great thing for her.

Fox is not on the new season of Total Divas

Team Bella disbanded quietly earlier this year, but Fox teamed up with Brie Bella into WrestleMania where she participated in a 10 diva tag team match. 

She represented Total Divas, and they were victorious at the event. From there till the feud with Jax, Fox worked live events and had taken a two-month hiatus. She also suffered a concussion in late July that sidelined her for a number of weeks.    

However, Fox continues to work Superstars and Live Events. On the upside with Fox, she has been teaming up with Bayley and Banks as of late. One could hope it leads to something for Fox. But ultimately the Foxy one deserves better on the Raw roster. 

With the division flourishing, she ought to be a part of that too. I’m not taking anything away from the rise of the division because I am in favour of the direction it’s going. It just makes me wonder why Fox isn’t reaping the benefits from her work with the Divas Revolution last year.

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It’s hard to believe that Fox has been with the company almost ten years. 

While she does have a Divas Championship reign on her resume, she is perhaps one of the most underrated women on the entire roster. Her stint on Total Divas didn’t do as much for her as it did the other ladies who are on the show. I certainly hope that 2017 will be a better year for Fox, and I know I’m not the only one who feels that way.

While it will be a long while before she is in the Women’s Championship picture, if at all, time looks to be winding down for the 30-year-old veteran. 

Her exclusion on Total Divas this season is one indication. It is unlikely she will be on Team Raw for Survivor Series – there are two spots to fill with Banks and Brooke yet to be announced on the team. What is next for Alicia Fox? It doesn’t look too promising for her, and again it’s unfortunate that she was dealt a bad hand in all of this. 

So is it really the end for Alicia Fox? Or will there be a new beginning for her? Time will tell down the road and until then, fans are lucky to catch a glimpse of her at a live event or on Superstars.

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