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An open letter to ‘The Big Dog’ Roman Reigns

Please listen, Roman.

Feature 08 May 2017, 16:34 IST
Dear Mr Big Dog

Dear Roman,

While you lay there in your hospital bed courtesy of your beatdown by Braun Strowman, I want you to listen to me. I want you to digest this because before you return in a few weeks and probably become the number one contender to the Universal Championship again; I have a lot of things I want to get off my chest.

I don’t hate you, Roman. I don’t even dislike you. I do like you. I like you a hell of a lot more than I like most people in the back.

I hate this idea that you’re the best – because you’re not. Braun Strowman is the best. He’s the best in the world. If there’s one thing you’re better at than he is, it’s kissing Vince McMahon’s ass.

Okay, okay, if you hadn’t figured it out by this point then yes, that is a variation of CM Punk’s pipebomb – but let’s talk like men now shall we? Things aren’t working out, Roman, and we think you know that. Obviously, I’m not Vince McMahon, so I can’t magically make these issues go away, and I can’t fire you either, so we appear to be in a bit of a stalemate.

That is if you decide not to do anything about it. Let’s face it, you’ve got a lot of pull when it comes to the behind the scenes at WWE, and as such, we aren’t going to believe that you don’t influence your character in some way. After all, you went and got a bloody wellness policy violation, and within a month, you were back on TV in a WWE Championship bout.

Like, how does that even happen? Answer – it doesn’t. You’re a unique entity, Mr Reigns, almost like the Donald Trump of professional wrestling. Some love you and a lot more hate you, but at the end of the day, we all want the best thing for the product.

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Reigns is the Donald Trump of professional wrestling

Unfortunately, you and Vince thought that a victory over The Undertaker fell into that category, meanwhile, we felt as if we’d rather jam a fork into our eyes than sit through that abomination of a WrestleMania main event again.

You’ve got to take some responsibility for this one at some stage, and we know you understand that, but we can also sympathise that not everyone gets to main event three Manias in a row. It's a big deal, and few superstars have managed it before, but does that justify the decision making that’s been put in place for years now?

Not really, no. Especially when you consider the fact that only 10% of the audience are invested in you as a babyface. Meanwhile, the other 90% have likely travelled half way around the world and spent thousands just to see you triumph against the odds.

That kind of thing starts and ends with Vince, but somewhere in the middle, there’s you Roman. We can picture you sat there, grappling with the boos you receive on a weekly basis and thinking to yourself: today’s the day I could make a stand and demand that I am turned heel.

But alas, in the blink of an eye, that thought process slowly passes you by as you’re awarded yet another World Title opportunity because why not? It’s hard to see the forest through the trees, I guess.

The worst part about this whole situation is that you’re a relatively well-polished pro wrestler in a lot of ways. Obviously, there’s a lot of great talent on both Raw and SmackDown Live right now, but you do stand out above the majority which is why so many people were tipping you for greatness during your days with The Shield.

Endless great matches were soon to follow, and it begs the age-old question: is it stubbornness? Is that what it is? Does Vince really feel the need to get you over that badly as a babyface that he doesn’t realise the best way to do it is by giving you a bit of an edge first?

We’re on the verge of giving up when it comes to understanding his logic, but for the love of god, Roman, just do something different. Let’s be honest with ourselves, at this stage, you could probably have your way with Stephanie right in front of Vince, and he wouldn’t bat an eyelid.

As a multi-time World Champion and the next heir to the WWE throne, you are bulletproof, and every single member of the WWE Universe knows that. For over two years now, we’ve had to put up with so many forced storylines and bland promos, which is baffling because you seem to have a lot of charisma outside of the squared circle.

As a final plea, we urge you to watch the clip of you on the Raw after Mania 33 – because it’s proof that we as a fanbase won’t be silenced anymore. Please, Roman, stick your neck out on the line and give us something different.

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