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Rating every superstar's performance in Women's MITB ladder match

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These six superstars should be proud of themselves for giving a quality MITB ladder match
These six superstars should be proud of themselves for giving a quality MITB ladder match

Money in the Bank pay-per-view has definitely lived up to its hype this year. While it wasn't the best one yet, it certainly had its high points. By the end of it, some feuds bid their farewell with this PPV and some others were renewed as they changed gears moving forward.

All in all, despite a few hiccups, this year's MITB event delivered a solid show with quality matches. And talking about quality matches, Women's MITB ladder match certainly lands itself in top 3. This match was very well booked giving time for every superstar to shine.

The outcome is apparently a least expected one for most of the critics and fans out there. Nevertheless, the booking made sense once the new 'Ms. Money in the Bank', Alexa Bliss, interfered in the title match and cashed-in her contract to become RAW women's champion for the 3rd time. This means self-proclaimed Goddess of WWE held a Women's championship for the 5th time in less than 2 years [(One and a half year + 15 days) to be exact].

Let's see how each female superstar performed in the ladder match.

1. Naomi

High-flying Naomi is the best
High-flying Naomi is the best

Naomi, as expected, made every superstar in the match feel her glow. She once again showcased her high flying abilities in a ladder match. Except for the closing stretch, Naomi was more than present in the match for the major part. She is easily the star of the match.

Some of her highspots included:

1) Sliding underneath the ladder that both Becky and Charlotte were holding and hitting a dropkick to it that landed both of them hard on the floor.

2) Blockbuster on banks off the apron onto the floor.

3) Her direct jump from the top rope onto the ladder was another level.

Besides these, her double dropkick along with Moon on Becky was quite impressive too.

Rating: 4/5

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