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Cesaro vs Swagger - Best way forward for the feud

3.17K   //    02 May 2014, 18:18 IST
Antonio Cesaro vs Jack Swagger

Antonio Cesaro vs Jack Swagger

It was highly expected that whenever Cesaro embarks into the singles sphere in the WWE, it would come at the expense of Zeb Colters little community of anti-illegal immigrants – The Real Americans. When Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter joined forces it was a promising redemption to Swagger’s career. The same can be said for Cesaro.

The Real Americans turned into a dominant force and the ‘We The People’ Chants gained a stronghold voice amongst the fans. But as is the case with every team, it eventually breaks up. And so the inevitable happened to the Real Americans last month and in a somewhat unexpected turn of events Cesaro became a Paul Heyman Guy and this has led to a feud between Cesaro and Swagger.

The short matches that the two have had till now have been quite mediocre but the one shining moment came when Colter and Heyman went face to face on Smackdown. That is what the feud should focus more on and that is why this feud should not die out soon.

Cesaro has a long way to go and as exciting as his solo venture seems, it will take him some time to get to the main event stage. It seems Roman Reigns might get there first given the ample amount of spotlight that he’s being put under. Paul Heyman and Zeb Colter are the best mouthpieces that Cesaro and Swagger could have asked for. Colter and Swagger make a compelling team and so do Heyman and Cesaro. The Creative team atleast got these two combos right.

It is important that the client- manager duo looks, for lack of a better phrase, made for each other. Colter and Heyman look very believable whenever they talk about whatever they talk. Heyman and Colter become their character. As this is the ‘Reality Era’ and Heyman has had many other former ECW superstars talk about their issues with Heyman, it can be said that there might be a little bit of non-fictionality in his character than there is to Gradpa Zeb’s but both of them play their parts with conviction.

WWE has been giving a lot of matches on free television for quite some time. And that has certainly hurt Cesaro and Swagger’s feud. There should be an element of mystery and a feeling of anticipation for knowing the real worth of a match. Well, the guys who have great in ring chemistry usually never disappoint like Cena-Punk but finding that kind of chemistry is a bit tougher than it seems.

When the Wyatts and Shield were entangled in a feud, they did not lay a hand on each other until the final minutes of the Raw before Elimination Chamber. The tension and the anticipation made the audience chant ‘This Is Awesome’ even before there match started. Even this kind of achievement is rare.

Now, we have a case like Cesaro and Swagger both of whom seem to be heading not so in the same direction. Cesaro has more momentum than Swagger has had in a long, long time. But we have two great talkers in Colter and Heyman. Instead of having Cesaro and Swagger engaged in a match on Raw every other week, Colter and Heyman should just talk the talk and hype the match enough to be seen as something special when the time comes. That was what did the trick for Cena-Wyatt for Wrestlemania. The build up to the match exceeded quality way more than their match at Wrestlemania.

My point being that the build up to a match is rather important than the match itself. It makes the match seem much grander.

So instead of letting the former team members fightit out in the ring, the WWE should give the feud one more shot but this time depending more on Colter and Heyman.

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