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Austin Aries vs. Neville for the Cruiserweight Championship: WWE Payback 2017 Winners, video highlights and analysis

Will the 'King of the Cruiserweights' retain?

News 01 May 2017, 06:40 IST
Neville vs Austin Aries

The match saw Neville dominate Austin Aries to kick things off, but he lost control when he began to gloat. Aries took advantage and began with a ‘450 splash’ and a ‘European uppercut’ but Neville countered.

Neville began his domination yet again and was taking the fight to Aries until the challenger managed to counter once again. Aries attempted the ‘Last Chancery’ but the King of the CWs escaped just in time. Aries however, was still very much in control and was going for his finisher the ‘Discus Fivearm’, but Neville got in a kick to the gut. 

That didn’t stop Austin Aries though and he went for the ‘450 splash’ once again and then managed to put Neville into the ‘Last Chancery’ again. Aries seemed to be all set to win the Championship and was on his way to victory.

Neville tried to get to the ropes but looked very unlikely. Neville however, got out of the hold when he dragged the referee over Austin Aries. The official then called for the bell to be rung and so the match ended.

Austin Aries won the bout via disqualification, but Neville remained the 'King of the Cruiserweights'.

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