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Backstage news on CM Punk's fallout with WWE creative team

CM Punk

CM Punk

Reports suggested that the WWE creative team had planned for former WWE champion CM Punk to appear on the RAW episode following WrestleMania 29 to talk about his loss to The Undertaker. But the plan was held off as Punk would have got a huge pop from the post-WrestleMania RAW audience. It is also believed that Punk wasn’t particularly happy with the wordings he was asked to use during his interaction.

CM Punk’s knee ligament injury may force him to be out of action until SummerSlam because he needs rest for his knees to heal completely. It is the primary reason why Brock Lesnar is back and The Undertaker will be on RAW next week, as WWE needs star power on TV during CM Punk’s absence.

It is also reported that CM Punk had a huge fallout with the WWE creative team and higher officials last month and it was then decided that he won’t be working in live events anymore, just TV shows and WrestleMania 29. However, he later sorted out his differences with them.

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