Backstage report: WWE coming to Destination America?

It is rumoured that WWE has met DA in an attempt to lure them to air Main Event and Superstars programs.

Destination America has gone from being a relatively unknown television channel to the home of both TNA Impact Wrestling and Ring of Honor TV. However, could a third company find their product on their network?. However if sources are to be believed there’s a rumour that WWE has met with Destination America executives in an attempt for them to air their Main Event and Superstars programs. Both of those shows currently don’t have a home in the United States. Since WWE tapes Superstars before Raw and Main Event before Smackdown, they are already producing the shows, so it makes sense for WWE to want them to be seen somewhere.

Another rumour suggests that maybe WWE is floating the idea of airing NXT on Destination America, which would likely be more coveted by the Network. Shows like Superstars and Main Event just feature matches with mid-card performers that most of the WWE Universe would never watch. Meanwhile, NXT is the hottest show in WWE that features the stars of tomorrow. WWE may want to keep NXT on WWE Network because they need exclusive programming, in addition to PPV-like events, so it may be in their best interests to keep NXT right where it is.

It’s a very interesting rumour that could develop into something much bigger in the weeks and months ahead. Watch this space for more as it unfolds.

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