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Bad News Barrett says he is a huge fan of Neville, Neville surprises his fan on TV Show

4.01K   //    04 May 2015, 15:09 IST
Bad News Barrett says he is a huge fan of Neville

Adrian Neville has not yet made it into the list of WWE big names but he is already making some huge fans. Look at the following story-

11-year-old Ethan Reno and his mother came home one day to find a burglar in their home in the shower. While his mother was trying to push the burglar out of their house, Ethan managed to call 911 and police captured the intruder. Ethan and his mother appeared on The Meredith Vieira Show and discussed the incident. Ethan talked about being a WWE fan, and said that Neville was his favourite wrestler.

There was a surprise now. Neville appeared on the show and presented his fan a gift box.

"So I heard about your story, and when I heard I said, I have to meet this guy," Neville said. "I want you to know that I'm super, super impressed with what you did. Your bravery and your courage would put any WWE Superstar to shame, and I'm proud of you Ethan."

In a recent interview with ‘Digital Spy’, Bad News Barrett said that Neville’s finishing move, ‘Red Arrow’ was his favourite finisher and predicted that Neville would have a bright future in WWE and he would become a huge star in the future.

"I'm a huge fan of Adrian Neville and I have been for a long time," Barrett told Digital Spy. "He's probably the most agile wrestler I've ever seen in my life anywhere in the world. I think he's going to be a massive star here."

This adds BNB to the list of Neville’s fans.