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WWE News: Bayley on the women's role in WWE, Chemistry with Sasha Banks, and more

The Hugger answers some hard hitting questions with The Coach

The Hugger has already found herself in the main event picture on the main roster

Bayley was recently on ESPN’s Off The Top Rope with Jonathan Coachman, and she discussed a variety of topics. Here are some highlights:

On her Raw experience so far:
Bayley said that her first few weeks on Raw has been a mix of everything. It was even more special by the fact that it was Mick Foley, someone who she grew up idolizing, that introduced her.

She mentioned that she was the odd one out at school among the girls, as she would always be wearing wrestling t-shirts. She said that her basketball coach wouldn’t let her travel in away games because she felt she needed to look more professional.

On her and the women’s role in WWE:
Bayley said that she felt the women have huge roles now in WWE, and that is proven by the fact that they have two championships due to the sheer amount of talent on the overall roster. She said she feels pressure(good pressure) now because she wants people to buy tickets to watch the women.

On how she felt about being left back in NXT while the other three horsewomen got called up:
Bayley said that she felt a mix of emotions when seeing Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and Charlotte get called up to the main roster while she was sitting on her couch. She said while it felt hard to watch, she was proud of them as she felt she had a little part to play in that.

She was especially thrilled to see them at Wrestlemania and steal the show as well. She said that it was after Wrestlemania when she felt that she had done all she could at NXT, and was waiting for the call-up.

On her chemistry with Sasha Banks:
Bayley said that while she had heard a lot about chemistry, it is not something you feel until you are in the ring and experience it. She said that her and Sasha Banks had chemistry instantly. She said that the two had a practice match at the Performence Center and it just clicked.

She also said that both her and Sasha have the same goals in mind – to take women’s wrestling to new heights,  so they always have the best match on the show and be the best women’s wrestlers. They always feel the need to up each other’s game.

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