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WWE News: Becky Lynch comments on possibly fighting in MMA

Austin Hough
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Becky Lynch doesn't intend to step inside the Octagon
Becky Lynch doesn't intend to step inside the Octagon

What's the story?

In an interview with The Irish Sun, WWE Superstar Becky Lynch commented about ever pursuing a career in MMA. While she admires the sport, she said it's "not where my passion is."

In case you didn't know...

Lynch is reportedly dating UFC fighter Luke Sanders. The 31-year-old made his UFC debut in January of 2016. His UFC record is currently 1-1. His overall MMA record, however, is 11-1. He has fought in the bantamweight division since 2014. The two have reportedly been dating since February 2016.

The heart of the matter

When Lynch was asked if she ever thought about pursuing a career in MMA, the Irish Superstar actually said she had prior experience, saying: “I do have a little martial arts experience. When I was back in Ireland, I was always doing stuff and trying to learn new things and taking classes. I did lots of kickboxing."

However, she followed up that response by saying, "I see the amount of work and dedication it takes him (Sanders) and you have to be really passionate about it." The former NXT standout admitted that she was a fan of MMA but said that she was, ultimately, more interested in wrestling and being able to tell a story in the ring.

Parallels from history

If Lynch ever decided to jump from wrestling to MMA, she wouldn't be the first person to do so. People like Brock Lesnar, Ken Shamrock and Shayna Baszler have made similar jumps between the two sports.

The worlds of professional wrestling and MMA will forever be intertwined; in fact, in Japan, they're consumed as almost identical products. Even UFC, the world's foremost MMA organisation, has moved towards a far more box office-oriented style of matchmaking.

Author's take

You can see hints of Lynch's martial arts training in her in-ring arsenal. Lynch uses a bevvy of kicks and arm strikes in her matches.

While seeing the "Lass Kicker" in an MMA fight would be interesting, I just don't see it happening. She sounds very happy working in wrestling, so I don't foresee any career changes coming for Lynch in the near future.

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