Becky Lynch VS. Ronda Rousey Rumoured Main Event Of Wrestlemania 35

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WWE’s Survivor Series 2018 was shaping up to be a hell of a show up until the last 10 minutes of the go-home edition of RAW. One stiff punch later, however, the entire card was forced to be shuffled in the 11th hour.

During a chaotic brawl seeing women from both the brands fighting each other, Nia Jax punched Becky so hard on the face, she started bleeding all over the ring and was later diagnosed to have a "severe concussion and a broken face".

This came just days before one of the biggest and most anticipated matches in Women's wrestling history was scheduled to take place between Lynch and Ronda Rousey. The clash between the women's champions on their respective brands was by far the biggest match heading into Sunday's Survivor Series, which had to sadly be cancelled due to the injuries sustained by Lynch.

Becky Lynch leads an attack on the RAW superstars
Becky Lynch leads an attack on the RAW superstars

But was this a blessing in disguise instead?

For months now Rousey vs. Charlotte Flair was rumoured to be the main event of Wrestlemania 35, following WWE’s growing comfort in having women close out PPVs. If we start thinking about it, everything starts falling into a sensible pattern here. Rousey main evented Evolution to beat Nikki Bella, she must have closed out Survivor Series to beat Becky Lynch too and then go on to main event Wrestlemania alongside Flair.

Post her injury, however, Lynch had to pick an active Smackdown Live member to go up against Rousey on Sunday instead. In an interesting turn of events though, Lynch chose Flair. This sets up a match for Survivor Series that was originally reported to take place at Wrestlemania instead, leaving Lynch to walk to the sidelines.......for now!

Becky hand-picked Charlotte to replace her at Survivor Series
Becky hand-picked Charlotte to replace her at Survivor Series

Becky Lynch fans should not lose hope yet as Lynch and Flair reportedly swapped roles in that segment on Tuesday night. Dave Meltzer wrote in his Wrestling Observer Newsletter that "Right now the plan is for Ronda Rousey vs. Becky Lynch to headline WrestleMania,"

It is no denying that Lynch’s program with Rousey was heating up to be the biggest match on the Survivor Series card and some had previously argued that it had surpassed the stage it was scheduled to take place on and so Wrestlemania fits the billing perfectly.

This would be the best possible outcome of the unfortunate events that took place over this week. For starters, if WWE goes back to Flair vs. Rousey as reportedly planned for Wrestlemania, it will not be a first time ever anymore and take away quite some mystique from it. Secondly, are we sure Flair can build a program with Rousey bigger than what Lynch vs. Rousey has become?

Rousey vs. Flair is a long-time rumoured main event of Wrestlemania 35
Rousey vs. Flair is a long-time rumoured main event of Wrestlemania 35

While Flair vs. Rousey felt like the biggest possible women's match for next year coming out of Wrestlemania 34 (where Charlotte beat the undefeated Asuka and Rousey put on a performance of a lifetime in her debut match), things have changed since then, and that change is called "Becky Lynch". The woman who ended up being tossed out of the lazily put together Battle Royal at this year's Wrestlemania is now the biggest star at the company's disposal and should absolutely be capitalised on.

To our satisfaction, the Smackdown Women's title was not stripped off Lynch, which makes us believe that she's expected to be back sooner rather than later. Becky Lynch is the lightning that WWE has caught in a bottle and should be the absolute priority going forward.

Logic dictates that Rousey will still main event Survivor Series, this time with Flair however and proceed to beat her. At this point, Lynch vs. Rousey is only fitting in the main event of Wrestlemania, which may also see Rousey getting her first loss in WWE.

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