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Best and Worst of Elimination Chamber 2017

A show that started off slow but peaked towards the end!

Bray Wyatt was finally crowned the brand new WWE Champion 

All’s well that ends well, so they say. A show that did not begin with a bang ultimately did end with one. In hindsight, WWE got more things right with this pay-per-view, than they got wrong. At the same time, this show was not without its faults as shall be discussed here.

So what went down in Talking Stick Resort Arena this week? Let’s go live to Phoenix, Arizona for our ‘Best and Worst’ recap of Elimination Chamber. 

#1 Worst: A barrage of non-stop botches

Repeat after us, Mauro. Elimination Chamber is not Hell in a Cell!

The botches just wouldn't stop in this episode of Smackdown Live. They began even before the show, on the pre-show itself!

JBL repeated his most magnificent performance as an announcer, by tripping and falling again. Yes, believe it or not, JBL fell one more time before a packed audience. David Otunga was sure to bring it up later at the commentary desk. We guffawed wholeheartedly!

Moreover, Mauro Ranallo, the shining beacon of commentary on the overpopulated Smackdown desk, repeated a botch he made on Smackdown yet again. He kept forgetting that Elimination Chamber and Hell in a Cell are two different events!

Please be careful, Mr. Ranallo. We love your commentary and do not want you to be replaced, as the rumours indicate!

There was an awkward moment at the German announce desk when the camera panned to them at the start of the actual show. There was utter silence as the men looked confused about how to proceed. JBL saved the moment by making an awful joke.

Ultimately JBL called a ‘tope suicida’ a ‘Boeing Airbus’. Ummm, they're two different companies, sir.

Despite the botches, the commentary was fun, lively and honestly, quite good!

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