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Best and worst of Raw: 14th August, 2017

A surprisingly solid show ahead of SummerSlam, with a shocking title change

Top 5 / Top 10 15 Aug 2017, 10:01 IST

This was a bloody good episode of Raw!
This was a bloody good episode of Raw!

The theme for this episode of Raw seemed to be 'SummerSlam 2017 comes early'. We were quite surprised that a lot of the matches that we expected for the pay-per-view were pushed to free television, although we understand why WWE did so.

In any case, because of the reason we have outlined, it was a much more tolerable show than usual, and actually got us excited for SummerSlam 2017 in Brooklyn. Each match and segment had a purpose, and SmackDown Live will have a difficult job matching this show in 24 hours.

Here's a roundup of everything we liked from the show and everything we did not. Agree, disagree, or don't care at all? Let us know in the comments!

#1 Best: The best women's wrestler on Raw

Sasha Banks is just a league apart from the rest of the roster!
Sasha Banks is just a league apart from the rest of the roster!

Nia Jax has many limitations in the ring, but makes up for it with her imposing size and awesome strength. We think she may have wrestled her best match ever, against The Boss this week on Raw, in Banks' hometown of 'Boss-Town'. The psychology was off the charts, and Sasha took some crazy bumps to tell a compelling story.

The crowd was completely behind "The Boss", and she goes on to SummerSlam in Brooklyn, fired up and ready to carry Alexa Bliss to her best match yet.

Instead of just getting her moves in, Banks tries to tell a story during every match and it shows whenever she enters the ring. While Asuka may be the best women's wrestler in the company (maybe even the best women's wrestler alive), "The Boss" is quickly proving her mettle as a top contender herself.

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