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Best and Worst of Raw - 20th February 2017

After an explosive episode last week, this show just seemed rather unimportant.

Top 5 / Top 10 21 Feb 2017, 11:34 IST
Getting paid millions of dollars to make faces for the camera!

We were almost beginning to like Raw after some consistently solid back-to-back episodes over the last few weeks. Oh well, all good things come to an end. This wasn't the most awful episode that we’ve seen, but compared to the weeks prior, this was just an uneventful show in every sense.

Almost no development that happened on the show (except maybe for Enzo and Cass becoming Number 1 contenders) that has a bearing on Fastlane, WWE Raw’s brand-exclusive pay per view that’s coming up in just two weeks.

Without jumping the gun, here we present the best and worst of Raw. 

#1 Worst: No show by The Rock

Finally, the Rock, did not come back to Los Angeles, California.

Last night, the internet was abuzz with the fact that The Rock would be a part of this week’s Raw. Well, he was, but just wasn't on the show. He appeared before the show actually aired, being there to shoot a sequence for the new film on Paige’s family.

We’re sure that a lot of fans tuned in just to see The Great One and they were disappointed.

Emmalina did not show up either, and neither did Emma. Maybe The Rock is the new Emmalina. Well, let’s be positive and just be happy he did not bury a current superstar with a Rock Bottom, this week.

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