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Best and worst of RAW- October 2nd, 2017

Riju Dasgupta
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<br /><p>Yes, it's finally happening!</p><p>Y
Yes, it's finally happening!

It is impossible to retain someone's attention over three hours on a weekly basis in 2017. That being said, there were enough high points interspersed through RAW, to make us give this week's show a thumbs up, and call it a success, if only just about.

The Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado hosted a very enthusiastic crowd who actually cheered for the babyfaces and booed the heels. They added much to the show and enhanced the experience for those watching on television. We must admit that they were one of the better crowds this year.

Let's fast forward to the review then, and examine the peaks and valleys from this week's episode. Tell us your own assessment of the show, in the comments below.

Let's begin with the most polarizing man in WWE.

#1- Best: A much-improved Reigns

Roman Reigns seems like a very different performer following his program with Cena, and the audience feels it as well. The WWE Universe treated him like a babyface for the first time in an eternity, based on just how confident he seemed in the ring this week!

Reigns is in the position that he is in, because of the reactions (positive and negative, mostly the latter) that he gets from the WWE Universe, on a weekly basis. Thankfully, this week, with the Shield reunion looming like a reward for the audience in the Pepsi Center, the crowd treated Roman like a hero! The atmosphere during his match with The Miz was absolutely electric.

Kudos to The Miz and Roman Reigns for a great match as well. We gasped at the near falls and would have even liked to see a finish based on the amount of heat that had been generated. We're certain that we'll get a match of this magnitude, some another week.

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