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Best and Worst of SmackDown Live: February 6, 2018

Riju Dasgupta
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A look at the ups and downs on SmackDown Live
A look at the ups and downs on SmackDown Live

SmackDown Live has not been the best show of late. This week's show was once again a mixture of good and bad. As is customary, we shall segregate the two for this post-show article. Welcome to 'Best and Worst' of SmackDown Live.

This week, the blue brand of WWE came to us from the Sprint Center in Kansas City, MO. Everything about the show felt 'so-so' from beginning to end. There wasn't anything remarkably bad, but there was little to write home about as well.

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So what were the aspects that worked and those that did not?

#1 Best: The main event

Owens and Zayn cannot have a bad match with one another
Owens and Zayn simply cannot have a bad match with one another

We've watched many Owens vs Zayn matches thus far. And much like fine wine, their matches seem to get better with time. The two men share incredible chemistry and know each other's move set inside out. They showed just how good they are again, this week.

Even AJ Styles on commentary seemed to be taken in by their amazing skill set. Despite the fact that the match did not finish clean, it was a good spectacle for what it was. We echo the crowd's 'this is awesome' sentiment.

The main event had been heavily hyped, advertised and promoted for a week. This match just delivered in every single way it could have with both men taking each other to the limit.

We wonder if we'll ever get a Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn match on a stage like WrestleMania.

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