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WWE NXT 5th October 2016: 5 Points To Note

Riju Dasgupta
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The lull after the last NXT Takeover is thankfully, over

Starting last week, with the announcement of the Dusty Rhodes Memorial Tag Team Classic tournament, NXT has taken its place as the most exciting brand in WWE once again. Think about it.

Raw is a show that drags on and on, where Cruiserweights perform watered down moves. Smackdown has more advertisements than actual in-ring action. NXT is what made us all fall in love with wrestling all over again. Simple feuds and storylines, and hungry talent that is keen on getting over.

With Tom Phillips and Corey Graves saying just the right things, at the right places. As always, NXT came to us from Full Sail in Orlando, Florida; and we did find quite a lot to write about today’s episode. 

#5 Samoa Joe ruined Dan Matha’s debut 

We never got to see the big debut of this NXT superstar, thanks to an irate Joe

Last week, it was the Ealy Twins. This week, it was the debuting Dan Matha, who cuts an impressive figure; but was squashed to a pulp by Samoa Joe. Joe would pick up the microphone thereafter and warn Regal that many more would suffer; if Joe did not either get the injured Nakamura in a title match or be offered the title directly.

This serves two purposes. It establishes Samoa Joe as the top heel monster, who is unstoppable and only focused on winning his title back from Nakamura. It also makes us curious to see what Matha’s debut will actually be like, whenever it happens.

Sure, one can say that Matha got buried on arrival; but we’d like to disagree. He was in a program with the top guy, and it doesn’t get better. 

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