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Best and worst of WWE Super ShowDown- Massive botches, Strange booking 

Riju Dasgupta
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42.51K   //    08 Jun 2019, 05:14 IST

There was much to like and dislike about Super ShowDown
There was much to like and dislike about Super ShowDown

Let me begin by saying that the Saudi Arabian audience is very different from the audience in the US. The crowd that was gathered in Jeddah for 'WWE Super ShowDown' was not nearly as critical of what happened during the show as American crowds would be.

And this will factor in significantly into my review. The show was tailor-made for such a crowd and this pretty much shows us how global a brand WWE is and how well they understand their audiences in every part of the world.

But that said, you have to think of what transpired from a macro perspective as well because the fallout of such a show will transpire on TV over the coming weeks and months. All of that considered I bring you my take on WWE Super ShowDown, for your reading pleasure, folks!

Please leave a comment and let us know what you thought about the show overall.

#1 Best: The entrances and pyro

Honestly, this did not feel like just another show and pretty much showcased how deep WWE's pockets are. It's common knowledge that WWE is getting paid millions of dollars to put on this show and they spared no expense to make it seem absolutely spectacular.

The Undertaker, Finn Balor, Triple H, and even Goldberg had massive entrances, and they all felt like bigger stars owing to how well every entrance was conceptualized and carried out. The very fact that pyro was allowed this time just added a whole new dimension to these entrances.

And the number of fireworks that went off during the show was quite spectacular as well, in my opinion. It felt like the World Cup finals for a major sport. You can criticize WWE but their booking is immaculate.

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