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From The WWE Rumor Mill: Big Cass undergoes surgery successfully 

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He will be out for nine months!

He will be out for nine months!

What's the story?

Big Cass underwent surgery for a torn ACL that will reportedly see him out of action for close to 9 months. Carmella, Cass's real life girlfriend, posted a photo of him post-surgery on Twitter.

In case you didn't know......

Big Cass suffered a legitimate injury at Raw, during his Brooklyn Streetfight with Enzo Amore and the match had to be called off. In a spot where he went over the top rope and fell on the floor, he had landed badly on his legs. He had tried to continue but was unable to do so collapsing while trying to deliver the Empire Elbow. Doctors reported that he had a torn ACL and that it would require immediate surgery.

The Heart of the Matter

Cass's torn ACL from the Brooklyn Street Fight finally underwent surgery successfully.

Cass completed his surgery earlier in the day and was photographed by his girlfriend, looking fresh. The post surgery treatment will begin soon, but doctors have said that it will be at least nine months before Cass can make it back to a WWE ring.

He looked content in the pictures Carmella shared, in bed recovering, but it won't be long before he has to begin training and rehabilitation so that he can make his way back to the ring.

What's next?

Given that he was recently being pushed in a huge way, this injury is a big blow to the seven-footer. He was a guy that WWE was really high on, and when he returns he might find all that momentum has vanished.

In the past, Rollins has been one of the greatest sufferers in WWE when it comes to leg injuries and he was out for a long time. When he came back he started a feud at the top level without losing a beat. This is something Cass will also be hoping for when he finally returns in the second half of 2018.

Author's Take

It is extremely disappointing to see Cass get injured just as he was finally getting that big push which most probably would have seen him with the title before the end of the year. Hopefully, when he comes back WWE don't forget his push and continues from where they left off.

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