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Big news on 'Concussion Lawsuit', others joining in too?

9.89K   //    01 Feb 2015, 19:20 IST
The War is ON : WWE VS VITO

Remember the ‘concussion lawsuit’ filed by the former wrestlers Vito Lograsso (Big Vito) and Evan Singleton(Adam Mercer) against the WWE in the state of Pennsylvania. We update you on the proceedings. According to CBS Philadelphia the WWE lawyer Jerry McDevitt ridiculed the allegations put up by the two stars and considered them to be inane. He also said that the WWE did not enshroud any medical conditions of the stars rather the WWE took the most speedy action possible. McDevitt said:

“It’s in the best interest of the company to take care of its talent because if the talent aren’t healthy, they can’t perform. The company has taken a look at some of the moves and maneuvers. Which ones of those can be finessed or perhaps even be eliminated… We’ve also brought in some of the best sports medicine doctors as part of our wellness program to be present at every WWE event.”

Vito and Adam are really unsatisfied with the WWE response to the lawsuit. They believe that the WWE should offer them monetary compensation for their injuries. They also demanded a better scheme of medical monitoring for the present WWE wrestlers.

Vito in a recent interview revealed that his doctors have told him that he has brain damage. He also commented:

“The headaches, the deafness, the depression I suffer, I deal with it. It’s part of my life now.”

Also, Adam Mercer is reported to be dependent on his family for basic everyday tasks. It is really a disheartening situation for Mercer who is only 22 now.He when asked about his health commented:

“I knew there was something wrong with me. I’m terrified… I don’t know what’s going to happen..What am I gonna do with the rest of my life? I’m scared.”

The lawyer hired by the two wrestlers Harris Pogust, in an official announcement said that the other stars might join the lawsuit soon. He also commented:

“They’re totally selling violence. In the NFL, if you have a concussion they make you sit out. And if you have too many you can’t ever get back in the game. ….somebody’s got to say stop. Somebody’s got to say stop instead of keep enticing them to get back in.”


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