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Big Show reveals surprising details on why he had to join nWo 

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Modified 03 Mar 2020, 03:02 IST

Big Show
Big Show

The New World Order are getting inducted into the Hall of Fame this year before WrestleMania. WWE have already announced that “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman (X-Pac) will take their place in the HoF.

One former nWo member who won’t be making it into the Hall of Fame is Big Show. The former WWE Champion has claimed that he is happy for nWo's induction but is not happy with the way he had to join the faction.

Talking to Stone Cold Steve Austin on the Broken Skull Sessions, Big Show revealed that he was not really interested in joining New World Order. The Giant, as he was known back then, was the WCW World Champion but had to drop the title to Hulk Hogan and less than a month later, join the WCW Champion’s faction.

Big Show told Stone Cold that he only joined them because he was not getting a return. He said:

I'm happy for those guys. But the NWO, now that I'm older, I want to give them the double [middle finger]. Great faction, but you look at what the NWO did business-wise. I joined the NWO because they beat me, threw a party on me, and didn't want to give me a return.
They didn't want the comeuppance back. 'Oh yeah, brother, come into the group.' I was young and naive. They weren't naive. It should have been, 'I'll drop the title but somebody is gonna have to feed me, eventually.' They got one over on a lot of guys.

Big Show is now used sparingly by WWE. He was recently used in the feud that saw Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe go up against Seth Rollins, Buddy Murphy and AOP.

Published 03 Mar 2020, 03:02 IST
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