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Bill Goldberg theme song with lyrics and video

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Goldberg is one of the most dominant champions in WCW history

Goldberg’s return on Monday Night RAW brought back fond memories of yesteryear. Perhaps the greatest WCW Champion ever, Goldberg was as dominant as they come.

Goldberg was in WCW for a mere 15 months, and within that span, he had already accomplished what even the most decorated superstars only dreamed of achieving in a lifetime; a record 173-match win streak, the WCW United States Champion and the WCW World Heavyweight Championship.

His unbeaten streak of 173-0 was considered, at the time, the greatest streak in the history of sports entertainment, which Kevin Nash eventually went on to break.

His high impact move set coupled with unmatched intensity had earned him a boisterous following which till date chants his name when he steps into the ring.

Goldberg’s theme song is as unique as him. He would emerge from his locker room and make his way to the ring as the cameras followed him. Emerging from a stream of fireworks Goldberg looked like a monster cleansed by the fire and ready for battle. 

During the span of his career, Goldberg had a number of theme songs which signalled his arrival into the ring. The most common of them was “Invasion” composed by Christian Poulet and Jean-Yves Rigo, used for his WCW debut and the matches following that.

This is, in fact, the entrance theme that most wrestling fans will identify with as Goldberg’s entrance theme.

Bill Goldberg is also a big Megadeath fan. So when the producers of Universal Soldier: The Return wanted Megadeath’s “Crush ‘Em” for the movie, of which Goldberg was a part of too, he heard the song and loved it. In fact, he convinced the officials over at WCW to have the band perform the song on the July 5th, 1999 episode of Monday Nitro.


He even used this song as his entrance theme for a few months.

The lyrics of the song are:

Enter the arena and hit the lights
Step up now you're in for a ride
this is war, ain't no fun and games
we get it up, you go down in flames

Party time, going down
you better not mess us around
the stakes are rich, take a hit or stay
the price is high, someone's gonna pay

Heads I win, tails you lose
out of my way I'm coming through
roll the dice don't think twice
and we crush, crush 'em

Looking for trouble, now you've found it
you're a drum and we're gonna pound it

Last one standing wins the fight
hear us scream and shout all night
down on the floor and eat the grit
this is gonna hurt a little bit

Heads I win, tails you lose
out of my way I'm coming through
roll the dice don't think twice
and we crush, crush 'em

Now we lay you down to rest
you'll never be more than second best
step inside you're in for a ride
and we crush, crush 'em

Don't need reason, don't want names
just a John Doe to put to shame
step aside let me explain
the name of the game is pain

Now we've found you
We're gonna pound you
We're gonna beat you
Gonna defeat you
We're gonna bust you
We're gonna crush you
We're gonna crush 'em

During his stint with the WWE, Goldberg used a modified version of his WCW theme. The new theme titled “Who’s Next”, was composed by renowned WWE music composer Jim Johnston. Johnston is also credited with composing the entrance themes of great such as Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock.

There is often a debate among wrestling fans as to which Goldberg theme song is better – Invasion or Who’s next. Like any other debate, there are supporters on both sides of the spectrum. 

During Goldberg’s return on Monday Night RAW, Invasion was played when Goldberg made his entrance. However, WWE switched back to their own version as Goldberg left the ring after his promo.

Which entrance theme do you like more? Let us know in the comments below.

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