Bloodline rival interferes, surprise attack & more - 3 possible finishes for LA Knight vs Tama Tonga on WWE SmackDown

LA Knight faces Tama Tonga on SmackDown tonight
LA Knight faces Tama Tonga on SmackDown tonight

In the upcoming episode of WWE SmackDown, LA Knight is scheduled to face Tama Tonga in the quarterfinal of this year's King of the Ring Tournament. The winner of this bout will progress to the semifinals.

Randy Orton will square off against Carmelo Hayes in the other quarterfinal showdown of the KOTR Tournament in the upcoming edition of Friday Night SmackDown.

The clash between the Megastar and The Bloodline member has the WWE Universe buzzing, considering the former's history with the faction. With such high stakes involved, let's explore three potential outcomes for the LA Knight vs Tama Tonga quarterfinal bout on SmackDown in the KOTR Tournament.

#3 Solo Sikoa and Tonga Loa might launch a surprise attack on LA Knight

Tama Tonga isn't alone on Friday Night SmackDown, he has Solo Sikoa and Tonga Loa by his side. This fact was evident from the first-round match of the KOTR Tournament, where The Bloodline viciously attacked his opponent, Angelo Dawkins, leading to Tonga emerging as the victor.

One potential finish for this quarterfinal match might involve the Samoan faction launching a surprise attack on the Megastar. This attack could occur either before or during the match. Such an assault would likely favor the former NJPW star, resulting in his victory.

This ending would also strengthen the position of the Solo Sikoa-led Bloodline.

#2 The Megastar might somehow overcome the numbers game

Facing the numbers game of The Bloodline isn't something new for LA Knight, as he previously feuded with the Samoan group during Roman Reigns' Undisputed WWE Universal Championship reign.

With this experience, it's safe to assume that the Megastar might already have a strategy in mind to overcome the odds presented by The Bloodline, leading to an unexpected victory for Knight.

#1 Bloodline rivals might arrive as backup for LA Knight on SmackDown

Another outcome of the match could involve victory for the Megastar, potentially with the assistance of Randy Orton and Kevin Owens.

Owens and Orton had a Street Fight with Solo Sikoa and Tama Tonga at Backlash earlier this month, and the duo might still be out for blood after the unfavorable outcome of their match. Tonga Loa interfered in the bout, helping The Bloodline pick up the victory.

The Viper is also set to face Hayes in the quarterfinal, and this match is expected to be over before the Knight vs Tonga bout, which is rumored to be the main event on SmackDown. Later, he could potentially aid Knight in neutralizing The Bloodline, with the help of Owens.

A victory for the Megastar in this huge quarterfinal match would surely make the WWE Universe go crazy with excitement, making him one of the favorites for the KOTR Tournament in Jeddah on 25 May.

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