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Bobby Lashley talks about being bullied online for angle with Lana

Published 01 Jan 2020, 20:28 IST
01 Jan 2020, 20:28 IST

Lashley has claimed to have received racist abuse
Lashley has claimed to have received racist abuse

WWE Superstar Bobby Lashley has revealed that he has received racist abuse due to his involvement in the storyline with Lana. Lashley has been romantically involved with Lana in a storyline that also has also included Rusev and, more recently, Liv Morgan.

The negative reaction

Ever since the storyline began on WWE TV, it has generated a lot of negative feedback, with many fans asking for it to be scrapped. Meanwhile, Bobby Lashley has revealed that he has faced a lot of hate because of it as people went as far as racially abusing him.

“Yes, I’ve experienced a tremendous amount of hate. We as a society come out and we’re anti-bullying, anti-hate, anti-this, anti-that, but I think we actually pick and choose who we hate and bully,” he told SI.
“It’s from the fact that this is interracial, because I’ve had guys saying the n-word to me and, ‘I’m going to kill you, we’re going to get you when you come down south.’ I just kind of sit back and laugh about it.”

While the storyline might have its faults, it is simply unacceptable to racially abuse a person that is playing a fictional character on TV.

Lashley, however, doesn’t seem too flustered about it and given how things went down last week on RAW with Liv Morgan also getting involved, this storyline looks like it is far from over. 

Modified 01 Jan 2020, 20:28 IST
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