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Booker T saves restaurant from armed robbery, performs citizen arrest with wrestling move

Snehartho Dey
15.24K   //    20 Mar 2015, 12:35 IST
Booker T with his wife Sharmell at the 2012 Hall of Fame induction ceremony

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has been long retired from the wrestling ring but his heroics at a fast-food restaurant in the Texan suburb of South Houston to stop an armed robbery may have reminded everyone that he hasn’t slowed down a bit.

Currently employed as a ringside commentator in the WWE, the former five-time WCW champion was at the restaurant with his wife, Sharmell and his three kids on Tuesday evening, in January, when a gunman wearing a covered ski mask entered the premises and demanded money from staff at the register.

Booker shouted his signature catchphrase before taking down the robber with his wrestling move

And according to the verdict of Andrew Torres, who is an 18-year-old employee of the diner at South Houston, Booker used his wrestling moves to perform a citizen arrest and he felt like he was watching WWE as a child all over again.

“I mean, Booker was sitting down with his family… Ordered the Singapore noodles off the kids menu… You know, being a normal customer – but then this guy came in with a gun and all of a sudden he’s pointing it at my face and telling me he wants money,” says Torres, who was working the front counter at the time of the hold-up.

“It was really scary because the diner was at full capacity… but when the guy in the mask came in, it went completely silent. I was in complete shock – I couldn’t even move my arms,”

“It was a bizarre experience because the gunman wanted money but I was so terrified I couldn’t move – and he knew that… no one else is the diner was doing anything. It was like we were paused in time… Until I heard a familiar voice shouting from the back corner of the diner.”

Torres has said that “Booker T” Huffman had removed his shirt and began shouting his iconic WWE catch-cry “Can you dig it? Sucker?!” before sprinting across the room and performing a signature wrestling manoeuvre on the attempted robber.

Restaurant manager impressed by Booker’s spectacular citizen arrest

The restaurant’s manager, Sara Tampico, says it was a “spectacular” citizen arrest.

“Mr Huffman stood on the table and removed his shirt, before bounding across the restaurant, table to table. He was flying through the air and his ‘locs’ [dreadlocks] were going everywhere. He scissor-kicked the robber and knocked him out cold! He was flying so high in the air that his waist was in line with the gunman’s head,” says Ms Tampico, who despite being very thankful for Booker T’s actions, wasn’t entirely sure who he was at the time.

“After he had immobilised the threat – all of the customers in the restaurant cheered and started dancing. I had never heard of ‘Booker T’ before, but apparently everyone else had. They formed a circle around him and he did some sort of breakdancing move on top of the unconscious gunman,”

“After all that, he sat right back down and finished his Singapore noodles,”

“It really was spectacular. My employees say it was just like on the television – he did his famous “scissor kick” to subdue the gunman and followed it up with what they call “The Spinaroonie” (breakdancing manoeuvre).”

There have been no comments from Booker on the incident as he has decided to stay quiet until police complete their investigation. The local authorities have confirmed that Huffman has been co-operating with them on the case.

Disclaimer: This news is most likely fake. But we came across it since it was being talked about a lot on the internet and wished for it to be actually true. But in any case, the story is so hilarious that we urge you to go on and read it regardless of it’s authenticity for which, by the way, we do not take the responsibility of.

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