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Booker T was impressed by Brock Lesnar and Dominik's performances at WWE Survivor Series

Shubham Roy
Modified 21 Dec 2019, 01:11 IST

Rey Msyterio and Dominik hitting Brock Lesnar with a double 619
Rey Msyterio and Dominik hitting Brock Lesnar with a double 619

Two-time WWE Hall of Famer Booker T said that he was surprised by WWE Champion Brock Lesnar's performance in his No Holds Barred Championship match against Rey Mysterio at WWE Survivor Series that took place this past Sunday.

Speaking on his 'The Hall of Fame' podcast, the former World Heavyweight Champion said that although people criticize Lesnar's role as a part-timer, he considers The Beast Incarnate to be one of the smartest workers inside the ring and added that he finds his second run in WWE to be better than his first run.

Booker T praises Lesnar and Dominik

After squashing Cain Velasquez at WWE Crown Jewel, Lesnar went up against Rey Mysterio and The Biggest Little Man was hell-bent on exacting revenge against Lesnar for the heinous attacks that he did on Mysterio's son Dominik. Although Mysterio lost the match, one of the biggest highlights of the match was Dominik making an appearance to help his father and hitting a 619 and frog splash on Lesnar.

Speaking about the match, Booker T praised Mysterio and Dominik's performance and believes that it was a smart way to let Dominik test the waters.

You know the last thought I was thinking in my mind was Dominik. He was never thought for as playing a role in that match especially playing a role in the match the way he did. Even though it was a no holds barred match, I still did not think about him.

He was also impressed by the way how Dominik executed the frog splash.

When I saw that I was like, "Wow, this kid is definitely following in the footsteps of the old man and I think that the Mysterio legacy is in good hands with Dominik. It seemed like he's learning it the proper way and that's go out there and get your feet wet, go out there and get dirty a little bit and you know you might get roughed up.

He also praised the way how Dominik landed a chair shot on Brock Lesnar safely and yet made it look realistic.

Published 30 Nov 2019, 01:25 IST
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