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Booking the finishes to Fastlane 2017 matches leading to WrestleMania

There's just one stop remaining on the Road to WrestleMania.

Fastlane is going to tell us a lot about the WrestleMania card

The Road to WrestleMania is full of many twists and turns as we've come to expect over the last few years, with the February pay-per-views often changing up the ‘Mania card for better or for worse.

Sometimes it makes things a lot more exciting, but every so often we get a result that leaves the WWE Universe in a state of absolute rage - to the point that #CancelWWENetwork is trending once again.

So this year, why not have things be a little bit different?

As opposed to altering the status quo, let's ensure that every match on the card that's already been announced plants the seeds for the showcase of the immortals. After all, there's only going to be four weeks between Fastlane and WrestleMania this year for reasons that make our heads hurt.

It makes complete sense to start setting things up for ‘Mania in Milwaukee because simply put, they're running out of time. We usually see at least six weeks separating the big event and the previous pay per view, but since we don't have that luxury, things need to change this time around.

Who knows, maybe it'll turn Fastlane into a must-watch show- but then again, maybe not. So with that said, let's book the finishes to the Fastlane 2016 matches leading into WrestleMania.

#1 Gallows & Anderson vs. Enzo & Cass

The tag titles likely won’t be changing hands before Mania

Despite the fact that Enzo & Cass come across as heels on WWE television, we're expected to believe that they're the babyfaces here. Gallows & Anderson haven't really done much with the titles but in truth, the belts have been destined to fail ever since New Day dropped them.

So for this one, the ending is extremely simple - Gallows & Anderson win clean after taking out Cass and destroying Enzo for the three count.

Then afterwards - nothing. Because the sad truth is that the Raw Tag Titles don't deserve to be defended on the grandest stage of them all, so instead what we should see here is Gallows & Anderson gloating and celebrating their victory before all four men eventually go into the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

It may not be the popular option, but it's certainly the smartest. We go from red ropes to purple for this next entry.

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