Bram, Charlotte Flair’s Ex-Husband: 5 things you need to know about him

Charlotte and her ex-husband Bram

Charlotte Flair is the poster girl of the Women’s revolution and the undisputed queen of the WWE. And I’m not saying that just because of her gimmick.

The daughter of the legendary Ric Flair, Charlotte didn’t even wrestle until she got accepted into the Performance Center, not 5 years ago. But today, she’s already considered as one of the greatest female wrestlers to ever grace the WWE.

She exudes supreme confidence when she performs and is nothing short of masterful in the ring. Even her mic work, that was initially thrust under intense scrutiny, has come along leaps and bounds.

There is no denying that Charlotte Flair is the real deal. Unsurprisingly, she is the four-time Raw Women’s Champion as of this writing and very much in the running to add to that collection with the SmackDown Live Women’s belt as well.

But enough about Charlotte Flair the pro-wrestler. What do you know about her personal life?

Did you know that she was a gymnast and also engaged in a plethora of athletic endeavours like volleyball, basketball and cheerleading in her teens? Or that she was once arrested in 2008 for getting into a scrap with a police officer? (Oh, my!)

How about the fact that she dated Alberto Del Rio before Paige did? Or that she has been married twice, but divorced both times?

As it would turn out, the second of said marriages was to a pro-wrestler known as Thomas Latimer – or Bram – for those of you that still follow TNA. An Englishman, Bram’s marriage with Charlotte Flair ended abruptly in 2015 after he was found guilty of...well, to know that, you’ll have to read on and find out!

Here then, are 5 things that you have to know about Bram, Charlotte Flair’s ex-husband.

#1 He was part of the Ascension in the WWE

Kenneth Cameron (left) with Konnor as part of Ascension’s early avatar

Ascension was a tag team that did admirably in NXT – still holding the record for the longest NXT Tag Title reign of 364 days – but unfortunately found that their run in the main roster didn’t really pan out the way that they wanted it to.

Now, most of you would recall that the Ascension is a two-man team comprising of Konnor and Viktor, but what you might not have fathomed is that in 2012, they started off in Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) as a four-man stable that also comprised of Latimer, who went by the name of Kenneth Cameron then.

And long before Viktor took his place as one-half of the team, the group was already whittled down to just two – Cameron and Konnor.

It is also rumoured that this may have been the time at which Latimer’s path crossed with Charlotte’s, as both of them were in the same developmental pool then.

#2 He debuted for WWE in a squash match way back in 2005

Latimer with his Brandon T gimmick (center)

Long before he would ply his trade in NXT, Latimer already had his taste of the big time when he was one part of the tag team that was squashed by Snitsky and Tyson Tomko on an episode of Heat in November of 2005.

He had been wrestling under the name Brendon Fraser up till then but at the behest of the WWE, changed his name to Brandon T.

The thinking behind the name was simple – his nickname when he was learning the ropes at Jeff Kaye’s wrestling school in Leeds was “T”, and so, he decided to append it to his first name and it stuck!

#3 He’s had a movie career

Thomas Latimer (left) in the movie ‘Checkpoint’

Pro-wrestling and the movies have always gone hand in hand and especially after Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson well and truly kicked open the doors to Hollywood, many more wrestlers have been making the transition to the silver screen.

After all, a chiselled, million-dollar physique and the ability to deliver memorised dialogue scripts are of great value to both industries.

It comes as little surprise then that a physical specimen like Bram thought to try his luck at acting. And to be honest, he did achieve a substantial measure of success at it too, earning roles in as many as 5 movies in a span of just 2 years.

However, since 2014 he hasn’t had much luck in marketing his services to movie producers and has been forced to focus solely on his wrestling career.

Could it, perhaps, be because of this?

#4 He’s had trouble with the law repeatedly

Latimer’s mugshot after his arrest in 2015

Over the years, Latimer has had repeated run-ins with the law, having been arrested for a DUI in 2011 followed by a high-profile arrest the very next year for physically assaulting a police officer.

This happened when he was still at NXT and understandably, the WWE didn’t want anything to do with it. He was flushed from the roster almost immediately and ended up touring the independents for a year before signing on with TNA in 2014.

But his troubles with the law would follow him even there, it would seem, as the Gulfport Police Department in Florida would receive a call about disturbances in an apartment at 3205, 58th Street South on the 1st of September, 2015.

As it would turn out, Latimer had been embroiled in a heated argument with his girlfriend which had turned ugly. The police reported that he had then pushed her into a room and prevented her from escaping by holding her down on the bed by the neck.

Latimer was taken into custody and charged with domestic battery by strangulation and false imprisonment.

How, you ask, is this related to his marriage with Charlotte though?

#5 Charlotte Flair divorced him shortly after his 2015 arrest

Bram’s marriage with Charlotte was put under strain by his trouble with the law

Charlotte and Latimer had been married for around 2 years then, but when details of his latest arrest in 2015 got out, things became a little dicey. The woman he had been charged with assaulting was documented as his ‘girlfriend’ in the police report...when all the while, he had still been married to Charlotte.

Neither Charlotte nor Latimer publicly addressed this quagmire, but shortly after his arrest, they did finalise their divorce.

The divorce settlement was amicable on all accounts, with Charlotte getting to keep the home that they lived in (which was her’s in the first place) and a 2013 Mini Cooper. Latimer ended up with possession of his 2000 Ford Mustang super car.

Latimer has kept his nose relatively clean since, steering away from legal troubles, although it was reported earlier this year that he was suspended by Pro Wrestling Noah for inappropriate behaviour in public.

What do they say about Leopards and spots again?

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