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Braun Strowman needs Roman Reigns to become a superstar

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If WWE is serious about making Braun Strowman a champion, book him against Roman Reigns

Regardless of the fact that WWE has finally given Braun Strowman a quality opponent in Sami Zayn, the confrontation between the former Wyatt Family member and the Canadian superstar won’t help the ‘giant’ become a main eventer anytime soon.

What does the company do when Strowman, who has no equal in terms of size and strength on the current roster, wants even “bigger” competition? Will the creative team finally write a program that allows for Strowman to have a shot at company gold?

It’s not out of the realm of possibility that Strowman becomes a challenger to Roman Reigns’ United States Title, presumably at WrestleMania.

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The move might just be what Strowman needs to be taken seriously. The neophyte is quickly learning that there is a learning curve he must face when trying to climb a very tall ladder that many other superstars have failed to access, let alone reach the pinnacle of.

The problem with booking Strowman is, there is still a lot of green in his game. Talks about matches with Brock Lesnar and Undertaker were premature. But Reigns would be the right move to help push him along.

A feud with the former Shield member also does something for Reigns fans haven’t seen before – where Reigns becomes not only the aggressor but the man who carries Strowman and makes him look like a million bucks.

Ironically, Bray Wyatt, the man who took Strowman under his wing, helped put Reigns over in a feud last year. This isn’t a case like Mason Ryan, who was in over his head from the moment he stepped inside a WWE ring and was almost immediately buried before he got started.

Strowman has staying power, but the company must find a way to play to his strengths. Reigns, who has worked well with bigger wrestlers – Wyatt, Brock Lesnar, and Rusev – should once again prove he can work well, this time with his biggest challenge to date.

When I look at Strowman, I cannot help but think of King Kong Bundy or Big John Studd – men who were unbeatable until Hulk Hogan or Andre the Giant took them down.

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WWE should have added a bit to Strowman’s mystique with an open challenge. Who can slam the big man? Who can knock him off his feet? Who can last more than two minutes in the ring with him? These questions alone would have led to someone like Reigns or even Big E or Big Cass jumping at the chance to turn back the effort of the undefeated one.

The segment on Raw Monday night proved to be nothing more than a tease of what may or may not happen this coming week. Strowman was confronted by Zayn, the two danced for a few minutes and the big man walked to the back, leaving his potential opponent in the ring.

Zayn wasn’t Strowman’s ideal opponent to walk into the ring, causing a ruffle in his feathers, but for now, that’s what the company has to offer. Again, this is an issue due to a lack of depth and poor booking on the red team’s part. This might be a case where the match is a one-off and Strowman looks far and wide for bigger opportunities.

Let me help him out a bit – there aren’t many to be had. And unless something huge happens before the end of the year, that might be the case going into the Royal Rumble match. It is possible that the match in January could help determine Strowman’s fate for the coming year.

How the big man gets eliminated over the top rope in San Antonio is anyone’s guess. If it happens to be Reigns who does the honours, what a way that would be to set up the potential match at WrestleMania 33. If it happens to be Strowman who eliminates Reigns, that might be an even better scenario for WWE heading into the spring.

Strowman needs Reigns and Reigns needs this kind of a challenge. It’s a better match than the one WWE has come up with where Zayn will lose the match and make Strowman look great, but nothing will be gained from the confrontation.

When Big Show first jumped into the deep end in WCW, he took on Hulk Hogan. When Lex Luger showed up on Monday Nitro, he immediately challenged for the WCW World Title.

There was never a master plan for Strowman to take the world by storm. With a dominant personality like Bray Wyatt as his leader, there couldn’t be a moment when someone so robotic takes over one of WWE’s best concoctions of late. But the idea of placing Strowman in a title program with Reigns has plenty of merit.

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