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Brock Lesnar vs Braun Strowman vs Kane: WWE Royal Rumble 2018 winners, video highlights and analysis

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Brock Lesnar retained the Universal Championship
Brock Lesnar retained the Universal Championship

The WWE Universal Championship was defended by Brock Lesnar at Royal Rumble against Braun Strowman and Kane.

Brock Lesnar landed an F-5 on Kane and the pinfall to retain his Universal Championship title.

Lesnar went after Kane and Strowman, splashed on them both and Strowman dropkicked Lesnar. Kane chokeslammed the champion but Braun went charging at The Big Red Monster. Braun Strowman kneed Lesnar, but Lesnar came back in the ring with a steel chair. He took out Kane but Strowman wrecked Lesnar, even hitting him with steel steps outside the ring. Braun took out two tables from underneath the ring, to a huge pop.

Strowman set up the tables but Kane had him ready for a chokeslam. But Strowman was the one who hit the chokeslam.

Lesnar broke the pin and took Strowman to Suplex City, with three back-to-back German suplexes! Strowman picked up the Universal Champion and slammed him through the table.

Kane then pushed Strowman through the second table. Lesnar hit the F-5 on Kane but Strowman broke it up and suplexed Lesnar. Lesnar would next hit the F-5 onto Strowman through the announce table.


He took revenge on Strowman from Summerslam when he flipped the announce table onto him. Lesnar then F-5'd Kane through the German announce table, a brutal attack! Strowman then hit two powerslams on Lesnar. He was going for the third but Kane attacked him with a steel chair.

Lesnar pushed Kane onto Strowman to knock him down and when Kane went for the tombstone, Lesnar reversed it into an F-5.

Brock Lesnar defeated Braun Strowman and Kane to retain the Universal Championship

Brock Lesnar was walking away triumphantly but Braun stood up in the ring and shouted, "You didn't beat me". Lesnar didn't seem bothered and raised his title triumphantly.

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