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Broken Skull Sessions: 6 facts we learned from Kane's appearance 

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Published 13 Jan 2020, 23:33 IST
13 Jan 2020, 23:33 IST

Kane shared some interesting stories
Kane shared some interesting stories

Kane hasn't been seen on WWE TV since he became the 24/7 Champion when WWE visited Tennessee in the fall of last year. As he's now the Mayor of Knox County, Kane spends much of his time working in the office.

Kane is one of the best-known stars in the history of WWE and a sure-fire Hall of Famer one day, which is why Stone Cold Steve Austin asked The Big Red Machine to join him on the latest episode of his Broken Skull Sessions.

Kane has had a lengthy WWE career following his debut back in 1995 under the guise of Isaac Yankem DDS. This meant that Stone Cold and Kane had a lot of things to talk about and interestingly the former WWE Champion revealed some facts that the WWE Universe may not have been aware of before this appearance.

#6. Kane almost didn't make it to the arena the night of his debut

Kane almost didn
Kane almost didn't make it to his debut

Kane had already worked for WWE for around two years before the company decided that Isaac Yankem had run his course and it was time to repackage the star as The Undertaker's long lost brother Kane.

Paul Bearer had dropped a number of hints about Kane and it was thought that he would make an appearance the night that Undertaker and Shawn Michaels collided inside the first-ever Hell in a Cell match. Whilst this is now seen as one of the best debuts in WWE history, Kane revealed that he almost didn't make it to the arena in time.

"My buddy Mark said yeah i'll take you down to the show, so he pulls up in the worst beater of a car I have ever seen you know I don't even know what it was so we're driving down the road and I look down and smoke is coming out of the cassette player. I'm like,'Dude your car is on fire,' he's like 'what' and then there's a big pop and then smoke starts coming out of everywhere and we pull over."

This was in a time before mobile phones so Kane was stuck for a while when it came to getting to the arena, but luckily he was still able to make it and start a new career under the mask of Kane.

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