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WWE News: Cesaro on WWE training, the Cesaro section and more

The Swiss Superman opens up

Cesaro has an enviable WWE career to boast of

In a recent interview with the RockTape makers, WWE superstar Cesaro opened up on various topics including the harshness of WWE training, his memorable moments in WWE, as well as his proudest achievement reports dailywrestlingnews.com

While speaking of the toughness of WWE’s training, Cesaro said people often overlook the fact that they do at least 4-5 shows a week, as well as travel to different continents all round the year. Fighting fit is never an easy task, and each wrestler has his or her own methods of staying in shape.

Talking about his greatest achievement in WWE, the wrestler noted: “I would say winning the first ever Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 30. Winning the Tag Team Championships with Tyson Kidd was a great too. And winning the US Championship within the first year of my career.”

On his proudest moment in WWE. Cesaro stated that the Cesaro Section is something very close to his heart. The wrestler was astonished by the phrases evolution from a few placards at a show in Nashville to over 7,000 in San Jose.

Cesaro also remarked that the reception from the fans eased doubts within him about not doing enough to make a name for himself.

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