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Charlotte defends her short Championship reigns

Rick Ucchino
09 Nov 2019, 18:18 IST

10 Time Women's Champion Charlotte Flair
10 Time Women's Champion Charlotte Flair

Most of the WWE Universe remembers SummerSlam 2018 as the night that Becky Lynch began her evolution into "The Man" that she is today. After losing a triple threat match for the SmackDown Women's Championship to Charlotte, Lynch snapped and attacked her former best friend. The crowd overwhelmingly got behind The Man and that moment served as a catalyst for her rise to the top.

What most people forget is that it was a big night for Charlotte Flair as well. That night she won her 7th WWE Women's Championship, tying her with Trish Stratus for most all-time. Since then, she has blown past the Hall of Famer, winning three more Championships over the last year. However, the length of those Title runs has drawn criticism from many, including myself.

Since March, Charlotte has held the SmackDown Women's Championship 16 days and a few minutes combined, despite winning it 3 different times. If you look at it from one side it seems like those wins did little more than to pad her resume. The Queen though is now defending those Championship victories.

"My Title wins this year have been for bigger picture moments. Unfortunately, people don't see that"

Alex McCarthy of talkSPORT had a chance to sit down with The Queen, and he asked her about the criticism of those title wins:

Further on in the interview, Charlotte says she won the title so she could drop it to Becky Lynch for that history-making moment at WrestleMania. As you heard McCarthy bring up, another title win set up Bayley's heel turn.

I could even make an argument that Charlotte taking the title off Becky 2 Belts at Money in the Bank served a purpose. Becky lost the title thanks to a distraction, after back-to-back matches, allowing her to long stronger in defeat. Bayley swoops in to cash-in on Charlotte and set up a new storyline while allowing Lynch to focus on the RAW Women's Championship.

Whether you agree with Charlotte or not, there are two sides to every story. It's easy to miss the bigger picture when you're only focused on what the outcome means for the titleholder.

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