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Charlotte praises NXT Trainer, talks about Flair, NXT, more

Charlotte praises NXT Trainer, talks about Flair, NXT, more

News 13 May 2015, 11:20 IST
Charlotte talks about what NXT really means

In a recent interview with The Burlington County Times to promote WWE NXT’s upcoming live events in Philadelphia, former NXT Divas’ Charlotte spoke on a variety of topics. Below are some highlights from the chat:

What NXT is:

“NXT is a group of driven wrestlers who want to get better. We are at the Performance Center (24 hours a day, seven days a week). I think a lot of the world is familiar with NXT because we have such great wrestlers who want to get better.”

“There isn’t a more passionate group of people than NXT. We all work together. We’re all very different. There isn’t one person, it’s a group, that really works together. We want to master our craft.”

Props for NXT trainer Sara Del Rey:

“A lot of our success has to do with the hiring of Sara Del Rey to be our trainer. The company, andTriple H, trusts us and gives us freedom, and Sara is a great trainer. They hired someone to work with us — and that helps. NXT is very special to me because I’m a product of NXT. I didn’t learn anywhere else. I learned here.”

Her dad Ric Flair:

“He’s good in that he’s very supportive, and he’s around, but he doesn’t interfere. But after matches, I’ll see him crying in the corner. I know he’s proud.”

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