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WWE News: Charlotte's request to moonsault off Hell In A Cell rejected by Vince McMahon

Rohit Nath
21.66K   //    17 Oct 2016, 11:58 IST
We won’t be seeing the beautiful moonsault at Hell In A Cell,  thanfully

In less than two weeks, Charlotte will be challenging Sasha Banks for the Raw Women’s Championship in the first-ever Women’s Hell In A Cell match. Raw General Mick Foley made the announcement official after the champion Sasha threw the challenge at Charlotte. He stated that the women deserved it. 

Naturally, a lot of preparation will be done going in from both camps to enter the most unforgiving structure in professional wrestling. Charlotte, being one of WWE’s top athletes (and as Ric Flair stated, a far superior athlete than himself) has done some tremendous spots.

Perhaps her most memorable spots were her moonsaults at Wrestlemania 32 and on Raw when she and Sasha main evented. According to Top Rope Wrestling, Charlotte had pitched an idea to Vince McMahon to do a spot where she would moonsault off the top of the cage.

Vince McMahon instantly rejected the request. Naturally, it was the right thing to do as Vince has more than enough experience with spot fests at Hell In A Cell. There are no details as to what the exact spot was, where the positioning would be,etc. but the fact remains that it will not be happening.

Hell In A Cell is notorious for having some of the most insane spots in WWE history.

The top of the list is the Mankind vs Undertaker double spot where The Phenom threw Mankind off the cell onto the announce table, and also the second spot where he choke slammed Mankind through the top of the cell and tore the ring, nearly “killing” The Hardcore Legend. 

Another memorable spot was in 2000 in the six-man Hell In A Cell match when The Phenom chokeslammed Rikishi from the top of the cell onto the back of a truck full of hay. 

Off late, there was the spot this year at Wrestlemania 32 when Shane McMahon jumped from the top of the cell onto the announce table only for The Undertaker to move out of the way. That was considered the biggest “still” of the entire show.

This Hell In A Cell will see 3 Hell In A Cell matches: The United States Championship match, the Women’s Championship match, and the Universal Championship match. It will be interesting to see how 3 cell matches does for the crowd.

As of late, it has garnered criticism for devaluing the legendary match. However, it is a big deal for the women who will be in the most unforgiving structure for the first time.

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