Chelsea Green discusses fiance Zack Ryder and Deonna Purrazzo being released from WWE

Chelsea Green has opened up about her friend and partner being released
Chelsea Green has opened up about her friend and partner being released

NXT's women's division right now may just be the strongest women's division in professional wrestling - and one name at the forefront is Chelsea Green.

Two weeks ago, 25 names were released from WWE, two of which being Green's fiance Zack Ryder, real name Matt Cardona, and her best friend Deonna Purrazzo - who I had the pleasure of chatting with recently.

According to WWE latest news, while chatting with Spencer Love of Win Column Sports Network, Green opened up about the WWE releases and how any sympathy directed towards her is misguided.

“Everyone on social media’s like, 'Oh, my god, poor Chelsea!’ I’m like, 'Well, no, I have a job.' I’m very, very thankful that I have a job, because who knows?"

The NXT star would surprisingly reveal that she may not have been so lucky just 90 days ago...

If this cut had have come three months ago, I might not have had a job. It was just - you had to be in the right place, or the wrong place, at the wrong time. Unfortunately, this is not the first time that this has happened. This has been happening all over the world in every profession, and it’s really, really unfortunate that two of the people who are closest to me in my life were released."

Green goes on to reveal why she doesn't feel terrible about the respective releases, claiming that she believes both Deonna Purrazzo and Zack Ryder, real name Matt Cardona, both have massive futures ahead of them, no matter where they go.

"Both of them are going to go on to do so much more, and I would feel terrible if that wasn’t the case, but that’s the case. Like, Deonna has so much potential. She was not used in the capacity she should have been used in. "
"Matt has so much potential and has continued to prove that throughout his entire career. So, whatever Matt does, he’s fine."

Green confirmed there isn't any sadness around the releases, which is something her NXT friend Purrazzo echoed to me regarding her own situation, with The Virtuosa's best friend stating that the sadness on Twitter was not echoed from Purrazzo nor Ryder, as there are "so many opportunities" out there for both of them

“It’s not necessarily a sad thing. I think for the fans, it was really sad to watch that all unfold on Twitter. But, for myself, and Matt, and Deonna, I think we all know no matter what happens from here on out, this isn’t the end of any road for them. We have so many opportunities nowadays.”

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You can read Spencer Love's interview with Chelsea Green here, and my interview with Deonna Purrazzo here.

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