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Chyna responds to Waltman's bum rushing accusations, says didn't crash funeral (Video)

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Chyna says she was invited to Piper’s funeral and didn’t crash it as suggested by Waltman

Chyna and Triple H were both in attendance at Roddy Piper’s funeral, Dave Meltzer reports in the Wrestling Observer newsletter. They were in the same room for an hour and never spoke once. This was the first time in years that the former couple had been together in the same room. It would have been extra awkward, given that Chyna recently accused Triple H of hitting her during their tumultuous relationship. He strongly denied those accusations releasing statements through the media to deny those claims on two separate occasions in the past few months. Piper’s funeral took place in Portland, Oregon on 8/11.

While Dave Meltzer noted in the latest installment of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the two never spoken in the hour that they were in the same room, Sean Waltman (who is most well known as X-Pac or Syxx) would say otherwise. Waltman claims that they did speak after Chyna rushed Triple H trying to apologize to him for saying that he hit her back when they were together. He wrote the following on Twitter:

“She may have met him a few times and you’re exactly right. She bum rushed Hunter and said ‘Sorry for everything!’ Pathetic.”

He also claimed that Chyna crashed the funeral. However he later rescinded on his claims, when he found out that she was indeed invited to the service. He did write that she was “very close to being taken down by security” due to their history. Chyna on her part issued the following video responding to Waltman’s claims. Somehow maintaining composure while holding her tears, she said she didn’t need to justify her relationship to anyone, and that Piper had been a dear friend for over a decade. Also addressing the alleged incident with Triple H, she admitted that she didn’t know Triple H would be at the funeral. While everyone were paying their last respects, the former couple awkwardly ended up being face to face. She said that she calmly embraced him and whispered in his ear about how she’s sorry for the past comments she has made.

“I whispered in his ear how deeply sorry that I am for anything that I said under emotional distress”, Chyna said. “With everything I’ve gone through, I know it’s understandable, but I realize it’s not justifiable. I wanted to tell him that, for me. There was no altercation, there was no security. It was a tender moment between two people who once cared about each other and [are] grieving over a lost friend”

Here is the video:

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