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Top 5 CM Punk hairstyles

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CM Punk hairstyles and haircuts
CM Punk has varied his hair style many a time!

The fact that CM Punk is one of the greatest wrestlers of the modern era is a fact any wrestling fan worth his or her salt will agree to in a heartbeat. The massive contribution Punk has made to all the franchises he’s touched is incalculable, which is why we’re going to cut straight to the chase.

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Besides his wrestling skills, which have matured admirably over the past decade, one thing that’s staple, yet outrageously distinctive about Punk is his ever-changing hairstyles. In his last 17 years in the business, Punk has sported at least ten standout hairstyles, all of which have never failed to garner appreciation.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the top 5 CM Punk Hairstyles.

#1 The Rockstar Look

CM Punk hairstyles and haircuts
This look is probably the most memorable!

Having sported long locks during his early days, Punk’s flowing hair during his rapid rise to WWE fame back in 2007 wasn’t new, but distinctive nonetheless.

With a string of solid performances during his breakout year, CM Punk’s talent was there for all to see and he soon rose from just another aspirant looking for his big break to a household name amongst WWE fans.

Perhaps, his long hair acted as a good luck charm as Punk memorably lifted the ECW Championship in 2008, sealing his status as a top wrestler. Needless to say, the rockstar look is amongst the top 5 CM Punk hairstyles. 

#2 The Nexus Look

CM Punk hairstyles and haircuts
The handlebar seems to suit Punk

Punk’s reign as the lean and mean leader of the Nexus was memorable in more ways than one, not least due to his Nexus look (for lack of a better term). Sporting a handlebar moustache and sleek hair that was combed back, Punk looked every bit the intimidating leader and led the New Nexus through many noteworthy storylines.

Alas, the moustache disappeared by the time Punk was named as WWE Champion, but the hair style stayed which offered some consolation, making the Nexus look a very significant one, therefore justifying its place amongst the top 5 CM Punk hairstyles.

#3 The Jesus Look

CM Punk hairstyles and haircuts
The saviour has arrived

Besides a stark resemblance to Christ, CM Punk’s bearded look, a.k.a the ‘Jesus look’ – which he sported from 2008 to 2009 – was memorable in numerous other ways. Besides promoting himself as a so-called savior, perhaps, the Jesus look is a perfectly apt name, the change in Punk’s character was immense. This led him to form the Straight Edge Society.

His run as the leader of the whacky Society, which required members to live an almost monk-like wrestling lifestyle, was unforgettable. Hence, it’s inclusion in the list of top 5 CM Punk hairstyles is a no brainer.

#4 The Clean Cut Look

CM Punk hairstyles and haircuts
Appearances mean everything!

After having his head shaved bald by Mysterio, Punk sported a short haired look, completed by a French beard which was well received by the fans.

Since Punk was out of action due to a hip injury, WWE decided to temporarily shift him into commentary in order for him to keep up appearances on television, making his clean cut look very apt for that period.

#5 The Skinhead Look

CM Punk hairstyles and haircuts
The price of a loss!

Punk’s long hair was certainly a sight for sore eyes, but that phase wasn’t meant to last long. His extensive locks were doomed, ever since the Straight Edge Society began their feud with Rey Mysterio.

After a series of face-offs between Punk and Mysterio, with both wrestlers taking turns in gaining the upper hand, the former’s Day of Hair Doom came during Over the Limit. After losing his match against Mysterio, courtesy of Kane’s intervention, Punk had his head shaved bald by the Mexican, bringing his over a decade old long haired look to a close.

Mysterio had vowed to shave Punk’s head if he lost an Extreme Rules match against the latter, but since Punk emerged victorious no-one expected Mysterio to make good on his promise later. Nevertheless, the loss of his long locks was a big blow to Punk, who began wearing a mask for a few of his future matches before embracing his bald look completely. 

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