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CM Punk Movie Review: The Girl On The Third Floor

  • CM Punk made his feature film debut in Girl on the Third Floor.
Modified 04 Mar 2020, 22:22 IST

CM Punk shines in Girl On The Third Floor
CM Punk shines in Girl On The Third Floor

CM Punk makes his main role debut in Girl On The Third Floor as Don Koch, an ex-lawyer who moves to a suburban neighborhood to start a new life with his wife who is heavily pregnant.

Don makes the move ahead of his wife to begin renovations on the house alongside his dog Cooper, but is in for a shock when it appears that the house doesn't want to be improved.

The concept of haunted houses has been done to death when it comes to psychological or even supernatural movies, but this one definitely adds a different twist. WWE fans will definitely recognize CM Punk since the director has done very little to hide his tattoos as he tries to step into the role of a man who "narrowly avoided 15 years in prison".

The film obviously starts slow and for the better part of the movie, CM Punk and his dog are the main stars in the film with the former WWE star using FaceTime to interact with his wife. It's reminiscent of I Am Legend where Will Smith and his dog steal the show, but luckily there are a number of other cast members who drop in and provide some backstory on Don throughout.

This definitely isn't one for the fainthearted and does take a while to get going, whilst the actual reason for much of the happenings in the film, don't get wrapped up until the very end. It's not a bad debut for Punk, who picked up some experience in the acting business from his WWE role, but it's probably a movie that the vast majority of his fanbase wouldn't be able to watch.

There are scenes of an adult nature throughout, so if you're thinking of watching this on, put the little one to bed and leave the stairs light on because you're going to need some company leaving the room when it's over.

Girl On The Third Floor is now available to stream on Netflix and other streaming devices around the world.

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Published 04 Mar 2020, 22:22 IST
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