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WWE News: CM Punk opens up about his mic work in the WWE

3.55K   //    25 Jun 2016, 14:17 IST
Cm punk
CM Punk was truly in his element on the microphone

One of the most talked about aspects of CM Punk's career in WWE is the considerable propensity he displayed on the microphone. Better known as 'pipebombs', the promos that he used to cut have surely secured Punk's spot as one of the best mic workers in the rich history of the company. 

However since the WWE is known for keeping complete control over their talents both inside and outside of the ring, one thing which fans can't always decipher is whether his promos were scripted or original work of his own.

Fortunately, we might have finally reached the end of this debate as the man himself recently talked about his promos in the WWE when he appeared on the UFC Unfiltered podcast. Here is what he had to say:

"The interviews and the promos people remember, those are improv. Now, wrestling’s just over-scripted to death. It’s almost like they’ve got a choke hold on it. Some guys need to operate that way, and I feel like some people need to let loose and be themselves.

You’ve got a whole room of guys writing for you; they don’t know you, they don’t know your perspective or your character. If you’re out there being disingenuous, saying words that three other people wrote, I always felt that the crowd could tell, and they’re going to pay attention to their phones, or $#!+ on whatever segment you’re in.

I was always just a big fan of doing my own thing."

Little surprise then that CM Punk had such a spectacular falling out with the WWE, especially considering that his ideals were so markedly different from theirs.

Would they ever work together again?

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