CM Punk speaks again on Colt Cabana's podcast; responds to Vince McMahon's apology, The Rock's text

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CM Punk

CM Punk spoke again on Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling Podcast which was live on Thursday night and now is available at Soundcloud. Check it out here.

During his second interview, Punk talked about several things including him receiving a text message from The Rock, watching AJ Lee segments and responding to Vince McMahon’s apology on Stone Cold Steve Austin’s podcast show. This interaction between Punk and Cabana was intended to cover the details and all the bases according to the synopsis of the show.

Here is what he had to say about Vince’s apology and The Rock’s text message.

His reaction to Vince Mcmahon’s apology

“I don’t wanna hear it was a coincidence, I don’t wanna hear lawyers didn’t talk to talent relations,” Punk said. “I talked to Hunter on the 11th, on the 13th FedExed overnight, I got a document that was dated the 12th. My wife asked for that time off so she could get married. The weekend after her honeymoon, she was back on TV. They knew.

If the apology was sincere, you wouldn’t use it as a publicity stunt on Austin’s podcast. You have my phone number, you have my address. You could text, you could call, you could show up when you’re a ten minute drive from my house and apologize like a f*ckin man.

That’s the reality of it. I was sick and hurt and burned out and I walked, and I can do that because I’m and independent contractor. I was suspended and then nobody contacted me after my suspension to be like ‘you’re unsuspended, we need you at Raw,’ I got those phone calls a day after elbow surgery, a day after knee surgery, so where was my phone call? Maybe in the two months I’m going to feel better and come to my senses, but nobody ever found out because nobody ever reached out. It was a publicity stunt, be a man and call me. It’s the f*ckin way it is.”

The Rock’s text after the first podcast show

He received a text message from The Rock on Thanksgiving. Rock said all Punk’s fans were upset at him and asked what happened. Punk told Rock about the podcast explaining why he left.

Punk told Rock he didn’t think he said anything negative about Rock but talked about working with him and continuing to work with him to get a WrestleMania main event. Punk told Rock he thought fans were upset because Punk dropped the title to Rock. He said Rock was super cool about everything.

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