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CM Punk reveals he got Samoa Joe drunk and convinced him to change outcome of a title match

Samoa Joe.
Samoa Joe.
Modified 05 Aug 2020, 10:02 IST

The SummerSlam 1992 watch party featured Renee Young, CM Punk and Booker T along with Finn Balor also making a brief guest appearance.

During the watch along, they discussed different aspects of the wrestling business, which included things that they learnt from the veterans of the industry.

Balor and Booker T shared their experiences regarding all the priceless new elements of professional wrestling that they discovered from other learned people of the game.

CM Punk also shared a great story from his time in Ring of Honor, specifically from his well-documented feud with Samoa Joe.

CM Punk first recalled the time when he had a series of 60-min draws with Samoa Joe during their storyline in 2004.

CM Punk revealed that he had to get Samoa Joe drunk to get the Samoan Submission Machine to agree upon a match ending in a draw. CM Punk felt that a win for Joe would not have helped either man and a draw was in their best interests. However, CM Punk had to get Joe drunk to get the outcome of the match he wanted.

"I have a ton, but the one that I always remember is when I was wrestling Samoa Joe in Ring of Honor, and we put together an hour draw in Dayton and did an hour draw in Chicago. And the third match, the whole genesis of the idea was that Joe didn't have any opponent and like I was the next guy in line for a title shot, and I remember going to Joe, and I was like, 'If you just beat me, you beat me, what happens to me? You got no one else to wrestle, so let's stretch this thing out. And I got Joe drunk, and I got him to agree to do an hour draw with me, it was the only way I can get him to agree to it."

CM Punk reveals Ricky Steamboat's idea for his match against Samoa Joe


CM Punk went on to reveal a story about how WWE Hall of Famer Ricky Steamboat pitched an idea for their match. CM Punk and Joe were going over the spots and pacing of their bout when Steamboat told them to have Joe put his foot on the ropes during a pinfall attempt.

The then-ROH stars found the idea meaningless as Joe was a babyface champion who wouldn't resort to heelish tactics. CM Punk and Joe were somewhat dismissive of the plan but eventually gave into Steamboat's pitch.

They incorporated the spot in their ROH World title match, and the reaction of the fans in attendance left them stunned. Here's what CM Punk revealed about the incident.

"We had Steamboat at the show, and I remember me and Joe were going over what we were doing, and Steamboat gave us just an idea about how Joe at some point is going to put his foot on the ropes when he was trying to pin me. I was still going to kick out, and we both looked at Steamboat like he was crazy. 'Nah, we don't do that here, this is Ring of Honor. Joe is the champion, and he is a babyface. Having him to cheat wouldn't make any sense, and I think we were almost so borderline dismissive of Steamboat because we were so focussed together and out idea of what we were doing and he didn't take offence to it, and he stepped back in, 'No guys, listen to me, try it, for me, just try it.'
And I remember me and Joe were like, 'alright, alright let's do it for Steamboat, and we did it, and I just remember the reaction and the emotion of the crowd, and it was one of those things where me and Joe both in the middle of the match were like, 'Holy s***!' Like, that showed so much desperation from this babyface champion trying to beat, it didn't turn him heel, but the crowd reacted to it in such a way that it was just. The way we were working, it was slow it was methodical, a lot like this Savage-Warrior match, that we let it breathe and register, like, it was the most little brilliant icing on the cake. It was the whole cake really, and it was one of those things that made you realize that you can always learn."

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Published 05 Aug 2020, 10:02 IST
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