Famous CM Punk tattoos and their meanings

CM Punk tattoos

CM Punk is a famous WWE Superstar. He has been a popular heel as well as a baby face. He loves to express his views and many of them are crafted on his body. He is very peculiar about his tattoos as he wants them to show some real message and inspiration of course.

Here is a list of some of the famous CM Punk tattoos and their explanation and interpretation.

  • CM Punk is big fan of G.I Joe cartoon series and comics and his tattoo of the Cobra symbol and the sign of the Arashikage tribe symbolise this very act.
  • The Pepsi tattoo on his left shoulder has no serious meaning associated with it. CM Punk thought if people can have a tattoo of Beer, then why he can’t have a sign of Pepsi tattooed. The Pepsi tattoo is also believed to be inspired from Brian Baker’s Coca-Cola tattoo. When people asked Brain what does his Coca-Cola tattoo stands for, he simply explained, “I like Coca-Cola”. Similarly CM Punk replies in the same manner, saying “I like Pepsi”.
  • The four ace cards tattooed on his body is a symbol of good luck. The first card is also dedicated to his long time friend and trainer Ace Steel.
  • The tattoo of the Japanese Koi fish is a tribal tattoo which is again for good luck. However it is believed he got this tattoo for one his favourite cartoon character Blinky the radioactive, three eyed fish from The Simpsons.
  • He has engraved a number 13 in a spider web, which is lucky/favourite number.
  • CM Punk is diehard fan of the New Jersey punk band Bouncing Souls and hence sports a tattooed symbol of Bounding Souls logo.
  • His has a tattoo of “DRUG” and “FREE” on his right and left knuckles. This tattoo is for everyone to see, so that can be inspired and never become a drug addict.
  • He has a tattoo of a rocket ship as he is an acute supporter of the Rock ‘N Roll band Rocket from the Crypt.
  • The words “Straight Edge” are tattooed on his stomach as he encourages everyone to live a healthy life without drugs and alcohol.
  • CM Punk has a tattoo of a purple pez dispenser.
  • Inspired by the American ska punk band Operation Ivy, he has a tattoo of Dancing Ska Man on his leg.
  • He has a tattoo “No Gimmicks Needed“, in honour and memory of Chris Candido.

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