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Cody confirms new Championship is coming soon to AEW (Exclusive)

  • AEW will soon have a new title!
Rick Ucchino
Modified 09 Nov 2019, 10:03 IST

Cody Rhodes says a new Championship is coming soon.
Cody Rhodes says a new Championship is coming soon.

Saturday night at Full Gear, AEW Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes will battle Chris Jericho for the All Elite Heavyweight Championship. If he loses, it will be his first and only shot at that Championship.

That said, Cody has confirmed that a new prize is on the way.

"I would never consider it a mid-card Title"

While on the Full Gear conference call Friday, I had the chance to ask Cody a question. I asked him about the possibility of adding a mid-card Championship in the near future. Cody has gone on the record saying that Championships are really going to matter in AEW, and I was curious if the younger guys would have something to fight for.

His response will have me being more careful with my words moving forward:

"I get frustrated when I hear the term mid-card. I know that it exists. I do, and I'm someone who toiled in the mid-card myself... but as a talent, you never consider anything you're doing mid-card. I didn't consider my run with the Intercontinental Championship mid-card. I wanted it to be the best thing. I wanted it to rise above."

Cody Rhodes showing off the IC Title
Cody Rhodes showing off the IC Title

I apologize for striking a nerve, but there was no animosity in his response. Cody was very polite in his answer, which eventually he gave:

"With all my little rant aside. I think it's very possible in the next month or so... there will be prize of some sorts for the guys rising through the ranks, because that is important to wrestling.... but I would never consider it a mid-card Title."

What that prize will be, and when exactly we'll see it remains to be seen.


What are your thoughts on a new Championship in AEW?

Published 08 Nov 2019, 23:42 IST
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