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Cody makes big statement on 'ratings war' between AEW and NXT 

Matty Paddock
Published Jan 02, 2020
Jan 02, 2020 IST

Cody Rhodes
Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes has spoken out about the battle for wrestling viewers on Wednesday nights, insisting that there's no ratings war between NXT and AEW.

2019 was a remarkable year for wrestling fans, with NXT being moved to a live slot on USA, and AEW launching as the new kid on the block.

That sparked what many fans have referred two as a 'war' between the two companies for ratings with AEW settling nicely on TNT.

Wrestling fans all around the world now eagerly await the release of the weekly viewing figures to see which company is faring the best after another round of shows.

Rhodes himself, however, has insisted that nobody inside AEW is losing too much sleep over the figures in these early days.

Speaking to Yahoo Sports, he stressed it isn't "the late 1990s again", and instead focused on the general positives of the wrestling industry that comes with having so many fans glued to weekly action once again.

It’s fun to look at the ratings but I know internally we’re not having any pep rally speeches.
Our concern is not NXT and I believe NXT’s concern is not us. If anyone is going to succeed, we cannot be a reactionary brand. One really good, positive takeaway that the ratings war doesn’t show is that there is a lot less crossover between the fan bases, there’s a lot less of the turning the channel between one and the other. 
[It] means there’s a lot of people just watching wrestling on Wednesday nights.
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