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WWE/NJPW News: Cody Rhodes discusses the difference between the WWE and NJPW locker rooms

Soumik Datta
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Cody is a current member of The Bullet Club
Cody is a current member of The Bullet Club

What’s the story?

While recently participating in an AXS TV media conference call, Ring of Honor superstar Cody opened up on a host of topics and among other things, ‘The American Nightmare’ also discussed the biggest difference between the NJPW and WWE locker rooms.

In case you didn’t know...

Following his departure from the WWE a couple of years ago, former Intercontinental Champion Rhodes became one of the most successful superstars to ever step foot on the Independent circuit, having earned an immense amount of success under several top Independent promotions such as WCPW, Evolve Wrestling, and PWG.

In September of 2017, Rhodes eventually made the biggest move of his post-WWE career when the 32-year-old signed a contract with top American promotion Ring of Honor and was also announced as a member of The Bullet Club.

In addition, Rhodes also made his debut for New Japan Pro Wrestling, where he became a rather more-prominent member of The BC.

The heart of the matter

While conversing on a recent media conference call, ROH star and former WWE superstar Cody opened up on the huge difference between the NJPW and WWE locker rooms and also pointed out the dissimilarities in the backstage nature of the two promotions.

As per Cody, there is apparently a huge difference between the locker room philosophies in NJPW and WWE and each New Japan faction is seemingly also provided with their own personal locker rooms. (H/T: Wrestling Inc)

"There's a huge difference in the locker room philosophies between WWE and New Japan Pro-Wrestling. I can tell you, it's not a knock on WWE, New Japan Pro-Wrestling understands much more how to do their locker room. The individual factions are separated. Chaos has their own locker room. Bullet Club has their own locker room. But there are no outsiders, no celebrities, they can be somewhere else, but they can't be in the locker room. It's a real traditional space. You ride on a bus with your crew and no other crew. You don't stay at the same hotel. It's a real traditional space. And it's something just as an old school [pro] wrestling fan, I really value when I go. But I think they have the locker room. I think that's the philosophy in the locker room as far as company goes, it's much different."

What’s next?

Rhodes is currently slated to challenge for Kenny Omega’s IWGP Heavyweight Championship at the upcoming G1 Specials in the USA, later next month at The Cow Palace.

On the other hand, Cody’s current focus is on his upcoming self-financed All In event, which takes place on September 1st. 

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