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Cody Rhodes happy with multi-time World Champion using AEW to get more money from WWE

Rohit Nath
02 Dec 2019, 09:58 IST

Cody Rhodes and Brandi Rhodes
Cody Rhodes and Brandi Rhodes

It's no secret that AEW has shaken up the wrestling industry quite a bit and has been the first to put WWE on their toes for a long time. Due to the availability of an alternate option, many wrestlers have sought out releases from WWE to potentially join AEW (or somewhere else) and the talent has now become aware that they can use AEW as leverage for negotiation.

Randy Orton was one superstar who did exactly this, making a couple of teases of AEW on Twitter and tagging certain AEW superstars. That certainly did the trick as he recently signed a new 5-year deal with WWE.

When talking on Starrcast IV, Cody Rhodes revealed his honest feelings on Randy Orton using AEW as leverage for a better WWE contract, saying (H/T Sescoops):

“One of the most exciting things about AEW is we’ve been able to raise the pay floor for the entire industry,” Cody said. “So, if Randy wants to take a dumb photo on an elevator and tag people he doesn’t even know in it and if they’re dumb enough to buy it and they pay him a certain amount, good for Randy Orton, you know what I’m saying?”

He went on to sarcastically comment on his poor win-loss record against The Viper:

“He’s a good guy, he’s got like 20 kids now, I love it,” Cody said. “I love Randy, I never got to beat him, dammit.”

It's clear that there's a lot of mutual respect between Orton and Cody Rhodes and it's good that he acknowledged his point of view. He likely never expected Orton to join AEW, to begin with. Either way, it's good for wrestlers now that they can get a better payday and have so many options outside of WWE.

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